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Radiodetection Bicotest LEXXI T810D (1550) Hand Held Cable Fault Locator (yellow)
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Product info

The 1550 is an easy to use handheld entry level TDR. It is optimized to help the field engineer find the most common first line faults, the 1550 can be used across a broad range of applications including telecom, CATV and power. The unit provides both short range and long range faultfinding capability.The unit has advanced features such as a timing circuit and swept gain for ease of fault identification. It has been designed with ease of use and accuracy to provide the operator with an unparalleled level of performance to mitigate typical service affecting faults.

Key features

  • Universal applications unit.
  • Ease of use.
  • Swept gain algorithm.

Part Number: 61/000/1550-10
Accessory CodeManufacturerAccessory DescriptionPrice (Ex VAT) 
17/GP3071-C7-20-BK-2A5-ARadiodetectionUS Mains lead (2m, 2.5A)£9.33Add to Basket
17/GP3071-C7-20-BK-2A5-CRadiodetectionEU Mains lead (2m, 2.5A)£9.33Add to Basket
17/GP3071-C7-20-BK-2A5-DRadiodetectionUK Mains lead (2m, 2.5A)£9.33Add to Basket
26/30UT-12-2500RadiodetectionRiser Bond TDR Mains Charger (add relevant mains lead, below)£33.00Add to Basket
61/01003242RadiodetectionT810 Soft Carry Bag£35.00Add to Basket
61/160-0044-00RadiodetectionTX125 spare remote unit for 6000DSL£906.00Add to Basket
61/163-0004-00Radiodetection6' probe, bnc to alligator clips£34.00Add to Basket
61/163-0005-00Radiodetection6' cigarette lighter, 12V charger adaptor£40.00Add to Basket
61/163-0006-00Radiodetection6' probe, bnc to telco alligator clip, 20 awg cable£50.00Add to Basket
61/163-0015-01RadiodetectionBanana plug to telco alligator clips (black) (test lead)£87.00Add to Basket
61/163-0015-02RadiodetectionBanana plug to telco alligator clips (red) (test lead)£90.00Add to Basket
61/163-0044-00Radiodetection1550 Modular Adapter/Twisted Pair (100 ohm)1 meter£53.00Add to Basket
61/163-0045-00Radiodetection1550 Modular Adapter/Power (25 ohm)£160.00Add to Basket
61/163-0046-00Radiodetection1550 Modular Adapter/Coaxial (75 ohm)£35.00Add to Basket
61/163-0047-00Radiodetection1550 6' Twisted Pair Cable Set£35.00Add to Basket
61/300-0007-03RadiodetectionModel 1200 Series Optional Foam Padded Carrying Case£196.00Add to Basket
61/L810/1/100RadiodetectionBicotest T810 100 Ohm Twisted Pair Test Lead£35.00Add to Basket
61/L810/1/50RadiodetectionBicotest T810 50 ohm Coax Test Lead£35.00Add to Basket
61/L810/1/75RadiodetectionBicotest T810 75 ohm Coax Test Lead£35.00Add to Basket
61/L810/1/BNC-FRadiodetectionBicotest T810 To BNC And BNC To F Adaptor£35.00Add to Basket
61/TX916RadiodetectionTX915 tone and probe unit£340.00Add to Basket

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