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Metrel MI 2592 PowerQ4
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Kit includes:
  • MI 2592 PowerQ4
  • A 1227 1-phase flexible current clamps 3000 / 300 / 30 A, 4 pcs
  • A 1016 Test probes red, 3 pcs
  • A 1014 Test probe black, 1 pc
  • A 1013 Crocodile clip black, 1 pc
  • A 1064 Crocodile clip red, 3 pcs
  • A 1309 Crocodile clip green, 1 pc
  • 20691929 Voltage measurement lead, red, 3 pcs
  • 20691930 Voltage measurement lead, black, 1 pc
  • 20691932 Voltage measurement lead, green, 1 pc
  • 83005401 UK mains cable for charging adapter
  • A 1313 PC SW PowerView with RS232 and USB cable
  • A 1135 Power supply adapter
  • A 1147 Rechargeable batteries, 6 pcs
  • A 1006 Soft carrying bag
  • Instruction manual
The MI 2592 PowerQ4 is an extremely powerful and professional 4-channel power quality analyzer that is capable of recording IEC 61000-4-30 Class S and IEC 61557-12 compliant data for up to 8 weeks.

Measuring Functions

  • 4 voltage channels with wide measurement range: 0 - 1000 Vrms (CATIII / 1000 V).
  • 4 current channels with support for automatic clamp recognition. Simultaneous measurement and recording of basic power quality parameters.
  • Power quality analysis according to EN 50160 including flicker measurement and standardized report printout in graphic and table form.
  • 4-quadrant measurements (generator and load with capacitive or inductive character).
  • 509 parameters can be monitored or recorded simultaneously.
  • 8 MB of internal memory space allows up to 99 days of data recording.
  • PowerQ4 is compliant with power quality standard IEC 61000-4-30 Class S.
  • Power measurements comply with IEC 61557-12 and IEEE 1448.
  • Large LCD display, 320 x 200 dots, with backlight.
  • On-line Scope, Trend and Metering modes.
  • 3000 A/300 A/30 A flexible clamps included in the standard set. Simultaneous 8 channels - 16 bit A/D conversion for accurate power measurements (minimal phase shift error).
  • 15 hours of autonomous (battery) supply.
  • The powerful PowerView PC Software package comes as standard with the instrument and enables functions including data downloading, data analysis and the printing of professional test reports.

Technical data

Dimensions (mm): 220 x 115 x 90

Mass (without accessories): 0,6 kg

Part Number: MI2592

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ManufacturerAccessory CodeAccessory DescriptionPrice (Ex VAT)  
MetrelA 1003Mains Plug£29.30
MetrelA 1006Soft Carrying Bag£44.95
MetrelA 1015Test Probe Blue£5.10
MetrelA 1016Test Probe Red£5.10
MetrelA 1017RS232 Communication cable£6.98
MetrelA 1020Small Soft Carrying Bag£30.89
MetrelA 1033Current Clamp 1000 A/1 V£283.15
MetrelA 1039Clamp adaptor (for A 1069 & A 1122)£30.89
MetrelA 1062Test Probe Green£4.15
MetrelA 1064Crocodile Clip Red£4.30
MetrelA 1069Mini Clamp 100 A/1 V to be used with A 1039£250.91
MetrelA 11606 Cell AA battery charger£163.07
MetrelA 1169Fast charger for 12AA/ 6 C Type£258.97
MetrelA 1171USB / RS232 Converter£132.17
MetrelA 12573 Phase flexible current clamps 3000/300/30 a/1V£800.55
MetrelA 1310Crocodile Clip (Blue)£4.30

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