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872 Thermal Imaging Camera

The testo 872 thermal imaging camera is ideally suited for professional building Inspection & facilities maintenance. Comes with FREE testo 605i thermohygrometer!

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0560 8724

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605i - Thermohygrometer

605i - Thermohygrometer

Bluetooth Thermohygrometer operated with smartphone, incl. batteries and calibration protocol.


Testo 872 Thermal Imaging Camera - Building Inspection / Facilities Maintenance

The testo 872 is perfect for building inspection, detecting mould-risk areas, missing insulation and abnormalities of temperature in buildings. Great for when you’re on the go, the kit can be transported safely and conveniently in it’s robust carry case.

In the assessment of mould risk in buildings, the testo 872 building inspection kit can be used to visualise high-risk areas and make a quick diagnosis to know where to begin work. Thermal imagers have a wide range of applications and those for the testo 872 include:

Testo 872 Key Applications:

  • Detecting structural defects and ensuring building quality
  • Carrying out detailed energy consultancy
  • Support in preventive maintenance
  • Easy checking of heating systems and installations
  • Investigating moisture damage
  • On the trail of a ruptured pipe
  • Preventing mould formation
  • Testing the air tightness of new builds

The testo 872 building inspection kit comes with the testo 605i thermohygrometer which transmits the room parameters via Bluetooth® to the testo 872 thermal imager.  Mould-risk areas are shown in amber or red on the camera‘s display (according to the traffic light principle).  Making it quick and clear to read and document, and to make things even easier, the free testo Thermography App enables you to write and send reports on site, as well as saving them online!

With maximum image quality through testo SuperResolution Technology that allows for pinpoint precision in diagnosing problem areas.  The thermal imager impresses with a thermal sensitivity of 0.06 °C and its ease of use and maximum image quality.


Technical Specification for: Testo 872 Thermal Imaging Camera

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