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Megger Seba
T 99/1 Test Unit 40 kV DC

Megger Seba T 99/1 40 kV DC High Potential Tester (Hipot) designed to test cable insulation, cable fittings, equipment & installations.

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Megger T 99/1 40 kV DC Test Set

The Megger T99/1 has been designed for the insulation testing of cables, cable fittings, equipment and installations.

The Megger T99/1 high voltage test unit is portable and powerful, able to generate a DC voltage of up to 40 kV.  The Test Set is used for testing of cables, cable accessories, plant and installations. It can be powered from an external 12 V battery.

The touch-voltage-proof enclosure of all HV parts and the  auto-discharge of test objects after shutdown / power failure maximises operator safety.  The short-circuit proof design  and high output current of the T 99/1 also make it suitable  for cable fault location (Decay method).

Megger T 99/1 Applications:

  • Testing newly installed cables, joints, equipment and installations up to 40 kV
  • Locating high-impedance and intermittent cable faults in low and medium voltage systems through the decay method in conjunction with a TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer)
  • Converting high-impedance and intermittent cable faults into low-resistance faults (burning)

Megger T 99/1 Applications:

  • Portable
  • Low weight (high voltage cascade embedded in insulating gas [SF6])
  • Continuously adjustable voltage up to 40 kV
  • Current measurement in three ranges: 200μA, 2mA, 20mA
  • 12V battery and 230V mains operation
  • Built-in discharge unit and automatic discharge after shutdown, power failure or upon pressing the discharge button
  • Integrated timer, adjustable from 0 - 60min
  • Controlled output voltage
  • Overcurrent trip

What comes with the T 99/1?

  • T99/1
  • HV connection cable 3 m
  • LV cable set
  • Operation manual


Comparison Chart for: Megger Seba T 99/1 Test Unit 40 kV DC

HV Tester 25 kVT 99/1HV Test Set 50 kVHV Test Set 80 kVHPG70-KHV Test Set 110 kV
DC output 0 to 25 kV0 to 40 kV0 to 50 kV0 to 80 kV0 to 70 kV0 to 110 kV
Continuous output current1.5 mA2.5 mA6 mA5 mA10 mA4 mA
Mains operation
Battery operationBuilt-in rechargable battery optionExternal battery option
Weight13.5 kg15 kg13 + 17 kg13 + 18.5 kg18 + 20.5 kg13 + 20 kg
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893020636 HV connecting cable 3m K 705 £750.00 ADD