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Fault Sniffer 2

Megger Fault Sniffer 2 for simple location of cable faults in underground low voltage networks. You can go to cable fault location yourself, find faults quickly & safely without the use of service providers or a cable test van. Cost savings on several levels & error avoidance/two-sensor technology.

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Megger Fault Sniffer 2 Locate Cable Faults In Underground LV Networks

Megger Fault Sniffer 2 can quickly locate cable faults in underground low voltage networks.

Whenever there‘s a power outage within a supply line it‘s a technician job to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.  Up to now the technician needed to hire a contractor along with their cable test van to visit the site and locate the fault.  That meant cutting off power to each consumer in the affected area, one by one. That is a difficult and time consuming process!  And time is money - the longer the power outage the higher the contractual penalty which the power provider must pay to the national utilities agency.

With the Megger Fault Sniffer 2 the technician can easily locate the fault on his own.


How Does The Megger Fault Sniffer 2 Work?

A short circuit causes localised burning of cable insulation releasing gases which are collected by the system‘s vacuum system. This way even the smallest gas levels can be detected.

Using its dual sensor technology Fault Sniffer 2 can distinguish these combustion gases from bio gases and other naturally occurring gases, therefore avoiding false readings. This innovative solution for locating cable faults eliminates the need to cut off power supply to each consumer in the affected area.

The Megger Fault Sniffer 2 makes the technician‘s work much quicker and easier - Locate cable faults reliably and accurately, and resolve the situation quickly!  For power providers this will mean significant cost savings, and many satisfied customers!



Megger Fault Sniffer 2 Key Features:

  • Time and cost savings: Consumers can remain connected to the grid during troubleshooting. No disconnection, no fees to the Federal Network Agency
  • Cost saving: No service provider or cable test van necessary
  • Error avoidance: Two-sensor technology detects natural gases and warns the user. This prevents misinterpretations

Why should I replace my old Fault Sniffer with the new Fault Sniffer 2?

  1. More ergonomic. Thanks to the probe set with steplessly extendable rod, the Fault Sniffer 2 can be adapted to the user‘s height. Never sit in a squatting position again!
  2. No more incorrect measurements. Thanks to the intelligent two-sensor technology, the Fault Sniffer 2 automatically differentiates between burning gases and naturally occurring gases. In case of natural gases, the user is warned!
  3. Optional vacuum pump backpack. With the help of the powerful pump in the backpack, even the smallest quantities of gas can be sucked in and detected. even the smallest holes and cracks in the asphalt can be sufficient. No more drilling necessary!

What comes with the Megger Fault Sniffer 2?

  • Gas detector
  • Power supply unit 230 V
  • Car charging cable 12 V
  • Carrying strap
  • Case
  • Multi-probe set
  • EFi filter set


Technical Specification for: Megger Fault Sniffer 2


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1012956 Fault Sniffer 2 extension set vacuum pump system with backpack price on request
90033489 Gas test device PED for test gas can price on request
90033475 Test gas can price on request
90035797 Replacement set EFI1 filter 18 pieces price on request
90035798 Replacement set dust filter 40 pieces price on request
90033488 Replacement set EFI1 filter 3 pieces and dust filter 30 pieces price on request
118302678 1 pack (100 pieces) Bitumen plugs price on request