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975 Industrial Flue Gas Analyser

KANE975 Flue Gas Analyser, designed for industrial applications, is ideal for larger installations & the the following applications: Install, commission & service; commercial oil, gas & biomass.

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KANE 975 Flue Gas Analyser

KANE975 Flue Gas Analyser, designed for industrial applications, is ideal for larger installations.  Comes complete with the 10 year no quibble warranty from KANE when serviced annually and offers the latest flue Gas Analyser technology (CO 0-10,000ppm and O2 as standard, plus up to 7 gas sensors including: CO2, NO, NO2, SO2 and H2S).

KANE 975 Applications:

  • Install, commission and service industrial, commercial oil, gas and biomass appliances
  • Safety checks
    • CO in rooms or around appliances
  • Combustion performance checks
  • Combustion efficiency checks and flue draught

KANE 975 Key Features:

  • Sensor over-range protection
    • Prevents sensor damage
  • Intuitive user keypad and buttons - For ease of use
  • Large full colour graphic display
    • Customise to suit your requirement
  • Hydrogen (H2) ready – up to 20% blend
  • Measures (Standard Kit):
    • O2 0-21%
    • CO 0-10,000ppm (hydrogen compensated)
    • Differential pressure
    • Temperature - inlet / flue gas / differential / ambient
  • Calculates (Standard Kit):
    • CO2 - 0-99%
    • CO/CO2 ratio
    • Excess air
    • Combustion efficiency
    • NOx (if NO sensor fitted)*
  • Fuel Types:
    • Natural Gas (x2)
    • Town Gas
    • Anthracite
    • Wood Pellets
    • Bio Gas
    • LPG
    • Kinsale Gas
    • Gascor
    • Butane
    • Heavy oil
    • Propane
    • Coke
    • LPG
    • User fuel (x5)
    • 28 sec oil
    • Coal
  • Other Features:
    • Print test results with user details to optional printer
    • Logs and stores up to 8,000 test results to transfer to PC
    • Long life battery recharged in situ
    • High suction double headed pump, ideal for high stack pressure in large chimneys
    • Supplied with PTFE lined flue probe
    • 10 year ‘no quibble‘ warranty when recertified by KANE

What comes with the KANE 975?

  • KANE 975 Industrial Flue Gas Analyser with Standard O₂ and H₂ Compensated CO Sensors Installed
  • Probe
  • Pressure Connectors
  • Charger
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Calibration Report
  • Heavy-duty backpack

Note: KANE975 is made-to-order with different sensor options to choose from and therefore once ordered cannot be returned, unless faulty.


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