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312-4 Differential Pressure Meter (up to 200 hPa)

The Testo 312-4 differential pressure measuring instrument offers measuring processes for load & tightness tests as well as serviceability tests on gas pipes using air. It also enables the checking of static gas & gas flow pressures, as well as the nozzle pressure setting on gas burners or boilers.

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0632 0327

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Testo 312-4 Differential Pressure Meter up to 200 hPa

The Testo 312-4 Differential Pressure Meter has been designed to carry out all the necessary tests on gas heating systems, as well as water and gas pipes.

The Testo 312-4 offers a high level of operating convenience in order for you to carry out pressure measurement efficiently - for instance through pre-set measuring processes or the clear presentation of readings on the large display. The Testo fast printer, which can be ordered as an extra (0554 0549), means you can produce measurement data printouts directly on site. The easyheat PC software is available to you as an option for data transfer and evaluation. Furthermore, probes which are also available for various measuring tasks can be attached to the differential pressure measuring instrument (e.g. high-pressure probe or thermocouple probe for temperature measurement).

Testo 312-4 Key Features:

  • Pre-set measuring processes eg. load, tightness and serviceability tests on gas pipes.
  • Save time and money in customer service - Check gas pressure regulator with automatic measurement value recording over several hours.
  • Simultaneous recording of pressure and temperature allows the detection of unusual pressure fluctuations.
  • Load tests and leak-proof tests on drinking water and waste water pipes can be carried out using the handy high-pressure probe.
  • The external probe provides protection for the instrument from water and high pressures.

Testo 312-4 Application:

  • Serviceability testing with air by pressure drop on gas pipes
  • Pressure testing on drinking water and waste water pipes using air
  • Tests on newly installed gas pipes (Tightness testing and load testing)
  • Pressure measurements on burners
  • Pressure tests on water pipes
  • Temperature measurements on radiators
  • Pressure tests on gas pipes (leak test with external high pressure probe, load test)

The various models of the Testo 312:

  • (0632 0327) Testo 312-4 Differential Pressure Meter
  • (0563 1327) Testo 312-4 Basic Set
    • 312-4 differential pressure meter
    • Hose set
    • Balloon pump with release screw
    • Conical test plug 1/2 and 3/4
    • Fast printer
    • Pressure set for gas pressure measurements on heating systems
    • High-pressure plugs and probe
    • System case
  • (0563 1328) Testo 312-4 High-Pressure Set
    • Hose set
    • Balloon pump with release screw
    • Conical test plugs
    • Fast printer
    • Pressure set for gas pressure measurements in heating systems
    • System case


Technical Specification for: Testo 312-4 Differential Pressure Meter (up to 200 hPa)

Pressure (Internal Sensor)Pressure (Via High-Pressure Probe)Temperature (via External Temperature Probe - Type K)
Measurement Range0 to 200hPa0 to 25 barDependent on probe type used
Accuracy ± 1 Digit±0.03hPa (0 to +3hPa)±0.5% of fsv±0.4°C (-100 to 200°C)
±1.5% of mv (+3.1 to +40hPa)±1°C (remaining range)
±2hPa or ±1% of fsv (+41 to +200hPa)
General Specifications
PC SoftwareEasyheat
Interface for PrinterInfrared
Interface for PCRS232
Measurement Data StorageApprox 25,000 readings
WeightApprox 600g
Dimensions219 x 68 x 50mm
Measurement RateAuto 1s to 24 hours
Fast 0.04s
Warranty2 years
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