DS-2TE127-G4A Black Body - Thermal Calibrator

Hikvision DS-2TE127-G4A Black Body - Thermal Calibrator is a standard radiation source to calibrate infrared light system, measuring material emissivity & IR sensor parameters, plus transmitting temperature between IR emitter & thermal device.

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Hikvision DS-2TE127-G4A Black Body - Thermal Calibrator

As a standard radiation source, black body has been widely used for calibrating infrared light system, measuring material emissivity, measuring infrared sensor parameters, and transmitting temperature between infrared emitter and thermal device.

The DS-2TE127-G4A Black Body is used to calibrate Hikvision Highly Accurate thermographic devices.  It serves as a highly accurate temperature reference for calibration.

NOTE: The DS-2TE127-G4A is designed and calibrated for exclusive use with Hikvision Highly Accurate thermographic cameras.

Hikvision DS-2TE127-G4A Black Body Key Features:

  • Calibrates Hikvision Highly Accurate Thermal Devices with High Accuracy
  • Supports Different Temperature Settings
  • High Accuracy and Stability
  • Easy Temperature Calibration and Correction
  • Anti-Interference
  • 100 VAC to 240 VAC


Technical Specification for: Hikvision DS-2TE127-G4A Black Body - Thermal Calibrator

Temperature RangeEnvironment temperature +9° F (+5° C), up to 122° F (50° C)
Effective Radiating Area 2.76" × 2.76" (70 mm ×70 mm)
Temperature Resolution0.18° F (0.1° C)
Temperature Accuracy±0.18° F (±0.1° C)
Temperature Stability±0.1° C/h
Effective Emissivity0.97 ±0.02
Power Consumption20 W
Environment Temperature32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Weight4.08 lb (1.85 kg)
Dimensions4.72" × 6.95" × 4.71" (120 mm × 176.6 mm × 119.6 mm)
Power100 VAC to 240 VAC
MountingMounting on a plane desk or a tripod with 1/4-20 UNC interface



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