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ISD-SMG318LT-F Walk-Through Temperature Scanner - Fever Screening

Hikvision ISD-SMG318LT-F Walk-Through Temperature Scanner. A fever screening solution for reception areas to scan for elevated skin temperatures (EBT) / Raised skin temperatures on entry to the building (indoor use). Comes complete with metal detector.

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Hikvision ISD-SMG318LT-F Walk-Through Temperature Scanner

ISD-SMG318LT-F walk-through temperature scanner with metal detector provides non-contact temperature measurement.

Hikvision ISD-SMG318LT-F Key Features:

  • Non-contact temperature exception detection
  • Easy installation and simple configuration
  • Real-time temperature display and head-count statistics displayed on LCD
  • Real-time light and audio alarm
  • Turret thermal camera provide audio alarm, AI human body detection, 4 MP optical channel
  • Accuracy is ±0.5 ℃ without blackbody, ±0.3 ℃ with blackbody
  • Uncooled sensor, resolution: 160 x 120
  • Supports visible light and thermal imaging frame over lay
  • IP66 protective level
  • Detection accuracy: metal in the size like a clip (or 1/2 clip) is detectable on the middle of the detector. Goods like Belt buckle can be excluded. Copper, aluminium, and zinc (over 150 g) , controlled knife, and gun are detectable
  • Multi-area alarm: Indicates the metal position on the body. Max. 18 areas


Hikvision Walkthrough Temperature Screening Door ISD-SMG318LT-F


▶ Video: Unboxing and Installing the Hikvision ISD-SMG318LT-F



▶ Video: Hikvision ISD-SMG318LT-F Demonstration



▶ Case Study: Hikvision Walkthrough Temp. Scanner & Face Recognition Terminal



Case Study 1 [PDF]: Hikvion Thermal Technology In Action - Care Home

Case Study 2 [PDF]: Hikvion Thermal Technology In Action - Place Of Work


Hikvision Fever Screen Door


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Please note that whilst this device is NOT a diagnostic tool, it can be used to identify persons with possible EBT in crowded areas, such as schools, hospitals and airports, who may require further medical testing.  It is a portable, precise and practical screening tool suitable for use alongside medical equipment and procedures.


Comparison Chart for: Hikvision ISD-SMG318LT-F Walk-Through Temperature Scanner - Fever Screening

Thermal Imaging 
SensorVanadium oxide uncooled sensor
Max. Resolution160× 120
Pixel Interval17μm
Response Waveband8 to 14μm
NETD≤ 40mk(@25°C, F#=1.0)
Lens (Focal Length)3mm
Field of View50° × 37.2°
Min. Focusing Distance0.5m
Pseudo Colour15, white heat, black heat, fusion1, rainbow, fusion2, iron oxide red1, iron oxide red2, puce, color1, color2, ice & fire, rain, red heat, green heat, & dark blue
Visible Light
Sensor4 MP 1/2.7" Progressive Scan CMOS
Resolution2688 × 1520 @ 25fps
Min. illuminance0.0018Lux @ (F1.6,AGC ON), 0 Lux with IR
Shutter speed1/3s to 1/100,000s
Focal length4mm
Field angle84.0° × 44.8°
Day/Night switchICR
WDR range120dB
IR distanceMax. 15 m
Image Frame
Thermal imaging & visible lightThermal imaging integrated with visible light frame
Picture in pictureSupports visible light & thermal imaging frame over lay
Smart information overlaySupports (only temperature measurement rule & temperature are supported)
Smart Function
Linkage alarmLinkage of strobe light & audible alarm
Temperature Measurement 
Temperature exception detectionExpert mode: 10 pints, 10 frame, 21 rules on each line
Body temperature measurementAI face detection, multi-target detection
Measurement range30 to 45℃
Temperature AlarmAlarm triggered when the temperature is over the threshold
Measurement accuracyNo black body:±0.5℃
With black body: ±0.3℃
Video compressionH.265 / H.264/M JPEG
H265:Main Profile
H264:Baseline Profile / Main Profile / High Profile
Video bit rate32 Kbps to 8 Mbps
Video standardG.711 / G.722.1 / G.726 / MP2L2 / PCM
Audio bit rate64Kbps (G.711) / 16Kbps (G.722.1) / 16Kbps (G.726) / 32-192Kbps (MP2L2)
SD card storageMicro SD / Micro SDHC / Micro SDXC card (128GB or 256GB)
NVR storage(96/86/77/76)I series NVR
Supports live view/playback, rule display, alarm report, & remote configuration
Main streamVisible light: 50Hz: 25fps (1920 × 1080), 25fps (1280 × 960), 25fps (1280 × 720)
Visible light: 60Hz: 30fps (1920 × 1080), 30fps (1280 × 960), 30fps (1280 × 720)
Thermal Imaging: 25fps (160 × 120 (output320 × 240))
Sub streamVisible light: 50Hz: 25fps (704 × 576), 25fps (640 × 480)
Visible light: 60Hz: 30fps (704 × 480), 30fps (640 × 480)
Thermal Imaging: 25fps (160 × 120 (output 320 × 240))
Network protocolIPv4/IPv6, HTTP, HTTPS,802.1x, Qos, FTP, SMTP, UPnP, SNMP, DNS, DDNS, NT
Interface protocolONVIF (PROFILE S,PROFILE G), ISAPI, SDK, Ehome, GB28181
Max. live view channel number20
UserThree level: administrator, operator, general user
Safety strategyUser & password authentication, HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1x control, IP address filtering
Alarm input1, 0 to 5 V alarm input
Alarm output1, NO relay output, alarm type configurable
Audio input1, 3.5mm Mic in/Line in interface. Line input: 2-2.4V[p-p]
Audio output1, 600Ω
Reset button1
Network interface1,RJ45 10/100M self-adaption
RS-485 interface1
SD card slot1
BrowserIE7+, Chrome18+, Firefox5.0+, Safari5.02+
Power supply110~240VAC, 50-60Hz
Operation temperature & humiditySpeed dome: 5℃ to 40℃, <95% RH Walk-through detector: -20℃ to 85℃, 99%, RH
Protective levelDome camera: IP66
Walk-through detector: IP53
Detector dimension(without dome camera)2200 x 850 x 480mm (H x W x D)
Dome camera dimension138.3 mm × 138.3 mm × 123.1 mm (H x W x D)
Package dimension2270 x 700 x 230mm (H x W x D)
Weight About 50Kg