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±0.2°C accuracy between 36 & 39°C

C-FIT Non-Contact Forehead Infrared (IR) Thermometer

TestMate C-FIT Non-Contact Forehead Infrared (IR) Thermometer. A fever screening solution complete with user-adjustable alarm with visual & audible alert. Improved accuracy of ±0.2°C between 36 & 39°C, plus a fast response time of 0.5 seconds, making it the ideal tool for detecting raised skin temperatures in high-traffic areas.

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TestMate C-FIT Non-Contact Forehead Infrared (IR) Thermometer

Non-contact Infrared Thermometers are highly sought-after devices in these unprecedented times.  They are increasingly used as effective screening tools for the detection of raised skin temperatures in high-traffic areas such as airports, hospitals and places of work.


Forehead Thermometer


Require quick forehead temperature readings?

The TestMate C-FIT has been designed especially for this purpose.  The C-FIT accurately measures body surface and forehead temperature with an accuracy of 0.3˚C (and improved accuracy of  ± 0.2°C between 36 & 39°C).

C-FIT features a back-lit LCD screen for easy viewing and a fast response time of 0.5 seconds for efficient usage

The device comes complete with a programmable alarm alerting the user to elevated body temperature which may be associated with certain fevers, common in coronavirus cases (COVID-19).  Users are alerted both visually and audibly to any recorded measurement which exceeds the programmed temperature limit.

The C-FIT has been designed to take over 4,000 readings, making it suitable for high-traffic, and users can recall the last 32 measurements for reference and recording purposes if required.


Non-contact Body Infrared Thermometer Precision

(According to ASTM Standard E1965-1998 (2003)

Temperature range                               Accuracy

32 to 35.9° / 93.2 to 96.6°F                    ± 0.3°C / 0.5°F

36 to 39°C / 96.8 to 102.2°F                   ± 0.2°C / 0.4°F

39 to 42.5°C / 102.2 to 108.5°F              ± 0.3°C / 0.5°F


TestMate C-FIT - Straight Forward Operation:

  • Move the ‘Body/Surface’ function switch to the ‘Surface’ position
  • Ensure the forehead is clear of hair, perspiration and cosmetic coverings
  • Aim towards the forehead from a distance of 5cm to 15cm
  • Press the trigger to take temperature measurement
  • Measurement will be displayed on the screen almost instantly (0.5 seconds)
  • Temperature will be held on screen for reference or recording



TestMate C-FIT Key Features:

  • Non-contact infra-red forehead thermometer
  • Measure body temperature from 32 to 42.5°C with high accuracy of 0.3°C
  • Improved accuracy of  ± 0.2°C between 36 & 39°C
  • Fast response time of 0.5 seconds
  • Optimal measuring distance between 5cm to 15cm
  • User adjustable alarm with visual and audible alert
  • Recall 32 most recent measurements
  • Select between ˚C and ˚F
  • Easily switch between body and surface modes
  • Back lit LCD display
  • Auto off to conserve battery power
  • On screen battery level indicator
  • High resolution of 0.1°C
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ergonomic pistol grip design


What comes with the TestMate C-FIT?

  • TestMate C-FIT Non-Contact Forehead Infrared (IR) Thermometer
  • Printed user manual
  • 2x AA batteries


Is the TestMate C-FIT thermometer suitable for detecting coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The TestMate C-FIT is a certified, medical, non-contact infrared forehead thermometer, with a high degree of accuracy (0.3°C). The device is suitable for detecting traces of fever, including coronavirus (COVID-19) and other fevers where a higher body temperature is a common symptom. The C-FIT should not be used as the sole determinant of body temperature, or that an individual has a fever. The C-FIT should be used in conjunction with additional medical thermometers and/or advice from healthcare professionals.



Technical Specification for: TestMate C-FIT Non-Contact Forehead Infrared (IR) Thermometer



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