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104 - Digital Food Thermometer waterproof

The test 104 offers two models (0563 0104) 104 Digital Food Thermometer (waterproof) & (0560 1040) 104-IR Infrared/Penetration Food Thermometer (waterproof). Check the full list of features to suit your application.

Part Number:
0563 0104

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Testo 104 Thermometers

  • (0563 0104) testo 104 - Digital Food Thermometer (waterproof)
  • (0560 1040) testo 104-IR - Infrared/Penetration Food Thermometer (waterproof)


(0563 0104) testo 104 - Digital Food Thermometer (waterproof)

The testo 104 is the first ever waterproof folding thermometer! Its protection class IP65 allows the instrument to be cleaned under running water, and use under any conditions. The instrument has a robust metal joint and a very rigid, long temperature probe. The surface is covered with non-slip rubber, guaranteeing especially comfortable, safe handling and measurement. With the help of coloured strips, the instrument can be easily allocated and personalised.

The folding thermometer testo 104 is conform to HACCP and EN 13485. Its narrow measurement tip leaves only small punctures in the foodstuffs, making it ideal for spot check measurements – for example in production, storage and processing, in gastronomy, in supermarket chains, in food retail or in industry.


testo 104 Key Features:

  • Ideal for applications in the food sector
  • Handy, fits in any jacket pocket
  • Robust metal folding joint with long measurement tip
  • Rubber-coated surface for non-slip handling
  • Coloured strips for differentiating individual instruments
  • Automatic final value recognition (Auto-Hold) and min./max. store
  • Certified according to EN 13485


What comes with the test 104?

  • testo 104 food thermometer with folding temperature sensor
  • User guide
  • Calibration protocol
  • Adhesive colour strips
  • Batteries


(0560 1040) testo 104-IR - Infrared/Penetration Food Thermometer (waterproof)

The testo 104-IR is a waterproof (IP65) penetration thermometer combined with an infrared sensor for non-contact temperature measurement. It can be used for all sorts of applications in the food sector.  The testo 104-IR scans the surface temperature of individual foods or entire goods pallets without contact, particularly in the Incoming Goods department.  If a limit value is exceeded or undershot, the hinged penetration probe is also able to measure the core temperature.

The multi-purpose instrument is handy and practical, because it fits into any jacket pocket.  The penetration probe is always securely stowed on the instrument itself. As soon as the probe is opened up, the display is activated.  And the IR measurement starts at the touch of a button.  Thanks to the large display, it is really easy to read the measurement result.

The few buttons are self-explanatory and any user will find it easy to operate them. No time-consuming measurements, no complicated handling, no compromises.  Supply consumers with exclusively flawless goods using the testo 104-IR.


testo 104-IR Key Features:

  • Ideal for applications in the food sector
  • One product, two purposes: Infrared and penetration thermometer
  • Fits into any pocket thanks to folding mechanism
  • High-quality, robust folding joint for tough working use
  • Precise 2-point laser with 10:1 optics shows the exact measurement area, allowing error-free measurements
  • Emissivity freely selectableWatertight (IP65) and HACCP-compliant


testo 104-IR Applications:

Temperature checking for incoming goods and during transport and storage

The temperature of foods has a crucial influence on the formation and proliferation of germs and therefore on product quality and consumer health. In order to ensure food safety, there is therefore an obligation to monitor the temperatures of foods and to check that cooling chain compliance is uninterrupted. Among the measures used to achieve this is checking temperature on receipt and during transport and storage of the goods. The testo 104-IR infrared and penetration thermometer helps you to do this.

  • Fast scanning of the goods delivered using infrared measuring technology
  • Immediate checking where values are critical via fold-out penetration probe
  • Simple display of the measuring range via 2-point laser
  • Robustness thanks to a waterproof housing
  • HACCP-compliant measurement


What comes with the test 104-IR?

  • testo 104-IR waterproof infrared food safety thermometer
  • Fold-away probe
  • Batteries
  • Calibration protocol




Technical Specification for: Testo 104 - Digital Food Thermometer waterproof