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PAT420 BIAB PAT Tester with On-board Data Storage

Megger PAT420 Business In A Box with software includes everything for a full-time PAT testing business! Complete with clear step-by-step instructions, Diary management & billing tool ,automatic testing, certificate printing.

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Megger PAT420 BIAB PAT Tester with On-board Data Storage

The PAT testing market is driven by the "Electricity at Work" regulations and not by the housing market so it offers a perfect opportunity to boost falling turnover.

Business in a box offers everything you need to change the direction of your business and to assist the aspiring PAT Tester to set up in business.

Megger PAT420 BIAB Key Features:

  • Clear step by step instructions on how to do it
  • Details of why they need to be testing their electrical assets
  • Pre-designed adverts and brochures for you to use
  • Pre-written letters for you to send to potential customers
  • Arrange appointments
  • Diary management
  • Billing
  • Automatic testing
  • Printing certificates
  • Repairs estimates
  • A guide to PAT testing
  • A guide to identifying customers
  • Fast PAT420 tester that will give you years of service
  • The leads and adaptors you need to test 230 V appliances
  • 1000 Pass labels
  • PowerSuite Contractor PAT certification software to manage: Customers Assets


Megger PAT420 BIAB Applications:

There is a legal requirement for any landlord, employer or owner of a place of work or public place, to ensure that all electrical equipment accessible by tenants, employees or the public is maintained in a safe condition, and an acceptable method of ensuring this is by routine electrical testing. This can be performed by electrical contractors, specialist PAT testing organisations, maintenance departments, or facilities management companies. The PAT420 range is suitable for performing portable appliance testing in locations such as hotels, public houses, schools, colleges, nurseries, shops, offices, theatres, banks, restaurants, cafes, sports and leisure facilities, cinemas, factories and hair salons etc. where high volume testing requires that accurate records may be difficult to maintain, or aided by, on-board memory and download to management software. The PAT450 is particularly suitable for use in tool hire shops where equipment is routinely tested prior to hire, or service workshops where deep disassembly is routine, and will perform a flash test in addition to standard PAT tests.


What come with the Megger PAT 420 BIAB?

  • PAT420 Instrument
  • PowerSuite Contractor PAT Software
    • Full professional certification and database management software
  • Leads and Adaptor
  • Labels
  • Resource guide on CD
  • Advert templates
  • Prospecting letters
  • PAT testing guide
  • Business marketing guide



Comparison Chart for: Megger PAT420 BIAB PAT Tester with On-board Data Storage

Supply measurement
230 V
110 V
Supply measurement
Earth bond/Continuity
200 mA
10 A
25 A
Bond lead null
Insulation Test
250 V
500 V
Alternative Leakage Tests
Touch current
Operation Test
VA Measurement
Extension Leads Tests
Earth bond
Portable RCD tests
1.5 kV and 3 kV
Other Features
Low-profile light weight
Auto test routine
Manual testing
Fuse check
Colour display
110 V test connection
Configurable tests times
Selectable pass limits
Lead storage pouch
10,000 record on-board storage
Download to USB memory stick
PowerSuite compatible
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Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1000-766 110V Mains lead adaptor BS1363 - BS4343 £40.00 ADD
1000-767 415V Adaptor lead (4 pin) to BS (BS1363) 16A £75.00 ADD
1000-770 415V Adaptor lead (5 pin) to BS (BS1363) 16A £75.00 ADD
1000-971 Roll of 1000 PASS Test Labels £30.00 ADD
1001-047 Barcode Scanner (USB) PAT400 £350.00 ADD
1001-227 Roll of 1000 FAIL Test Labels £30.00 ADD
1001-232 Plug Adaptor IEC C6 - C13 (3way 5A PSU) £18.00 ADD
1001-299 PAT Test Certificate Book £31.00 ADD
1005-423 Pass/Fail barcode label printer UK (USB) PAT400 £265.00 ADD
2001-044 PAT Accessory Pouch £70.00 ADD
2001-372 PAT Test Guide Book £25.00 ADD
6121-483 Appliance Bar-code Labels (1-1000) £90.00 ADD
6220-639 Extension lead Adapter (ELA) 110V BS4343 £25.00 ADD
90001-010 Barcode Printer Label Refills (Cartridge) £57.00 ADD