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PAT 420 BIAB PAT Tester with On-board Data Storage

The Megger PAT 420 Business in a Box with PowerSuite includes everything for a full-time testing business! Its functions include testing at all three currents, 200 mA, 10 A and 25 A, including RCD testing at a continuous operation.

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PAT420-UK-BX Business in a Box with PowerSuite + labels

Portable appliance tester with on-board data storage

• Vast on-board memory to keep you the job longer
• Continuous operation, no need to stop and wait for the tester to cool down
• Instant re-start as you move from room to room testing
• Soft keys to speed you through the testing process
• Full PAT testing including RCD testing
• Most productive tester in its class

Three new PAT testers with full database functionality based on the well received PAT300 series. The PAT 400 series introduces a new level of convenience and speed to PAT testing using onboard test results.

PAT410 perfect for those content to bond test solely at 200 mA, The smallest, lightest of the PAT400 series weighs only 2.7 kg.

PAT420 offers bond testing at all three currents, 200 mA, 10 A and 25 A and 230 V and 110 V operation. This tester is the choice of those who are full-time industrial or commercial PAT testers.

PAT450 in addition to the three bond test and 230 V and 110 V operation this tester offers 1.5 kV and 3.0 kV flash testing making the perfect tool for hire and repair workshops.


Technical Specification for: Megger PAT 420 BIAB PAT Tester with On-board Data Storage

Internal memory10000
Earth Continuity Test Current200mA
Insulation Resistance Test Voltage250V & 500V
Substitute leakageYes
Print pass & fail labelsYes


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1000-766 110V Mains lead adaptor BS1363 - BS4343 £40.00 ADD
1000-767 415V Adaptor lead (4 pin) to BS (BS1363) 16A £75.00 ADD
1000-770 415V Adaptor lead (5 pin) to BS (BS1363) 16A £75.00 ADD
1000-971 Roll of 1000 PASS Test Labels £30.00 ADD
1001-047 Barcode Scanner (USB) PAT400 £350.00 ADD
1001-227 Roll of 1000 FAIL Test Labels £30.00 ADD
1001-232 Plug Adaptor IEC C6 - C13 (3way 5A PSU) £18.00 ADD
1001-299 PAT Test Certificate Book £31.00 ADD
1005-423 Pass/Fail barcode label printer UK (USB) PAT400 £265.00 ADD
2001-044 PAT Accessory Pouch £70.00 ADD
2001-372 PAT Test Guide Book £25.00 ADD
6121-483 Appliance Bar-code Labels (1-1000) £90.00 ADD
6220-639 Extension lead Adapter (ELA) 110V BS4343 £25.00 ADD
90001-010 Barcode Printer Label Refills (Cartridge) £57.00 ADD