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PAT450 PAT Tester

Megger PAT450 PAT Tester with data storage is built with the additional capabilities of Flash Testing which sets it apart from the PAT400 series range of testers.

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Megger PAT450 PAT Tester Downloadable PAT Tester

Particularly suitable for use in tool-hire shops where equipment is routinely tested prior to hire, or service workshops where deep disassembly is routine, and will perform a flash test in addition to standard PAT tests.

Megger PAT450 adds in the ability to carry out high voltage flash testing at 1.5 kV or 3.0 kV, making it the preferred choice for tool hire companies and service and repair workshops.


Megger PAT450 Key Features:

  • Expert mode to speed up testing
  • Secure user log-in option
  • Vast on-board memory to keep you on the job longer
  • Continuous operation, no need to stop and wait for the tester to cool down
  • Instant re-start as you move from room to room
  • Soft keys to speed you through the testing process
  • Automatic asset number generation
  • Quick test for instant access to single test functions
  • 10,000 asset on-board data storage
  • Large easy-to-read colour screen
  • Instant re-start
  • 25 A, 10 A and 200 mA “soft” bond test
  • Test lead null
  • Repeated high current bond testing possible
  • Insulation testing at 250 V and 500 V
  • Functional VA load test for 110 V and 230 V appliances
  • Extension and IEC lead testing including polarity, earth continuity, L-N continuity and L-N-E insulation
  • Standard differential leakage test plus
  • Protective conductor or touch current leakage test
  • Substitute earth leakage test at 40 V a.c.
  • Simple RCD test or full 30 mA RCD testing ½ x I,
  • I, 5 x I
  • Integral fuse checker


Megger PAT450 offers additional Flash Testing capabilities:

Flash test voltage:

1500 V a.c. nominal for Class 1

3000 V a.c. nominal for Class 2

Flash test current: <3.5 mA short circuit @ 253 V primary supply voltage

Flash test breakdown current accuracy: ±5% ±5 digits

Flash test breakdown current resolution: 0.01 mA

Display range: 0.00 to 3.0 mA


What comes with the Megger PAT450?

  • Megger PAT450 PAT Tester
  • 13A extension lead adaptor
  • Test & carry pouch
  • Document and accessory wallet (Internal or external mounting)
  • Earth bond / insulation lead
  • Plug adaptor IEC C6 - C13 (3way 5A PSU)
  • Quick-start guide
  • User guide CD and Warranty registration card (1 year)


Comparison Chart for: Megger PAT450 PAT Tester

Supply measurement
230 V
110 V
Supply measurement
Earth bond/Continuity
200 mA
10 A
25 A
Bond lead null
Insulation Test
250 V
500 V
Alternative Leakage Tests
Touch current
Operation Test
VA Measurement
Extension Leads Tests
Earth bond
Portable RCD tests
1.5 kV and 3 kV
Other Features
Low-profile light weight
Auto test routine
Manual testing
Fuse check
Colour display
110 V test connection
Configurable tests times
Selectable pass limits
Lead storage pouch
10,000 record on-board storage
Download to USB memory stick
PowerSuite compatible


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1000-766 110V Mains lead adaptor BS1363 - BS4343 £44.00 ADD
1000-767 415V Adaptor lead (4 pin) to BS (BS1363) 16A £82.00 ADD
1000-770 415V Adaptor lead (5 pin) to BS (BS1363) 16A £82.00 ADD
1000-971 Roll of 1000 PASS Test Labels £33.00 ADD
1001-047 Barcode Scanner (USB) PAT400 £385.00 ADD
1001-227 Roll of 1000 FAIL Test Labels £33.00 ADD
1001-232 Plug Adaptor IEC C6 - C13 (3way 5A PSU) £20.00 ADD
1001-233 Continuity / Earth Bond lead + Probe (Black) £40.00 ADD
1001-234 Extension Lead Adaptor 230V UK 13A £21.00 ADD
1001-299 PAT Test Certificate Book £34.00 ADD
1005-423 Pass/Fail barcode label printer UK (USB) PAT400 £305.00 ADD
1006-225 Carry Case PAT300/400 £71.00 ADD
1007-165 Flash Lead 3.0kV 3.5mA (Red) £45.00 ADD
2001-044 PAT Accessory Pouch £77.00 ADD
2001-372 PAT Test Guide Book £28.00 ADD
6121-483 Appliance Bar-code Labels (1-1000) £93.00 ADD
6220-639 Extension lead Adapter (ELA) 110V BS4343 £27.00 ADD
90001-010 Barcode Printer Label Refills (Cartridge) £63.00 ADD