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Megger Seba
Geolux GL 660-1 Cable Ground Fault Locator

Megger Seba Geolux GL 660-1 Cable Ground Fault Locator with compensation is mainly used for the location of earth faults in unearthed protective conductor systems of control & pilot cables of large enterprises, power plants (also nuclear power plants) & by operators of control and pilot cable networks. A special feature of the GEOLUX system is its capability to locate faults in single core airfield lighting cable networks. The earth fault can be located without operational interruption.

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Megger Geolux GL 660-1 Cable Ground Fault Locator

The Megger Geolux GL 660-1 is a Earth Fault Locator with compensation.

Specially protected IT networks, such as those found in hospitals, are designed in such a way that any contact with a voltage carrying line is harmless; in the event of a short to earth, explosion protection reduces current flow to zero. Important control, signal and supply systems, such as those for railway installations, power plants or other industrial facilities, are designed to be potential-free and are monitored by earth fault indicators in order to ensure safe and uninterrupted operation. Short-to-ground faults in IT networks, control lines or, for example, signal lines in railways are referred to as earth faults.While a single earth fault will not disrupt the service, a second earth fault carries a high risk of partial or complete installation breakdown. For this reason, any earth fault must be located and repaired as fast as possible.The start point of a feeding transformer in an IT network is not grounded, and the protective earth of the load is separately grounded.

In industrial systems where cables are frequently in highly conductive environments, a short-circuit is one of the great-est potential hazards. While a ground fault in an IT network won’t initially trip any fuses or interrupt any processes, the short will cause the formerly unearthed, potential-free system to set itself to the earth potential created by the fault.

Megger Geolux GL 660-1 Key Features:

  • Mains filter for direct coupling to live cables up to 660 V
  • Pulsed output current for easier detection of the test signal
  • Filter for the suppression large interference signals
  • Location of earth faults up to 150 kΩ
  • No switch off during the fault location required
  • No influence to the signal lines connected to

What comes with the Geolux GL 660-1?

  • Megger Geolux GL 660-1 Earth fault locator with compensation
  • Receiver with compensation
  • Carrying strap
  • Generator 5 Hz
  • Set of cables for generator
  • Probe for round conductor
  • Reader clamp 100 mm compensated
  • Connection lead for reader clamp
  • Identification tongs 12 mm compensated
  • Carrying case for generator and receiver


Technical Specification for: Megger Seba Geolux GL 660-1 Cable Ground Fault Locator

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