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Socket & See
TB118 Basic Kit; Safe isolation Gas Engineer’s Electrical Test Kit

Socket & See TB118 Basic Kit contains all the equipment a gas engineer needs to safely comply with Technical Bulletin 118 (safe electrical isolation of gas appliances).

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Socket & See TB118 Basic Kit - Gas Engineers Electrical Safe Isolation

The Socket & See TB118 ADVANCED KIT, ESSENTIAL KIT and BASIC KIT contain all the equipment a gas engineer needs to safely comply with Technical Bulletin 118 (safe electrical isolation of gas appliances).

For the safe to touch test, all kits contain the Socket & See VVD PRO.  This non-contact voltage indicator can be used to check for the presence of hazardous voltage on appliances, pipework and exposed metal work as called for by TB118, BS 6891 and BS 6400. The VVD PRO gives visual and physical warning of any hazardous voltage detected.

However, if the appliance is connected to the mains, Socket & See have an appropriate lock off device to stop unwanted energising.  All kits contain locks for 13 Amp plugs, MCB / RCD and fused spurs.  They are accompanied with prohibition tags so the full “lockout - tag out” procedure can be conducted.

To allow the safe isolation procedure to be carried out, each kit includes a two-pole voltage indicator and proving unit.

The VIP150 (ADVANCED & BASIC KIT) is small enough to access tight spaces and terminal blocks, and has battery free operation.  The VIP200 (ESSENTIAL KIT) has an additional continuity test facility, flash light and single pole indication.

The SP200 / SP400 proving units provide an easily accessible AC “known source” to prove operation of voltage indicators before and after use.  This is as covered in Stage 2 and 4 of TB118 safe isolation procedure.  The SP400 (ADVANCED KIT) also features a test pad to prove non-contact voltage detectors, such as the Socket & See VVD PRO.

As gas appliances are class 1 (earthed enclosure), TB118 calls for a check of power supply earthing. This earth loop impedance test can be carried out by the PDL234, DLM PRO or SOK34 without tripping the installation RCD. The DLM PRO, part of the ADVANCED KIT, also includes multimeter functionality for appliance fault finding down to component level.


Socket & See TB118 Basic Kit Key Features:

  • Contains essential equipment for TB118 compliance
  • Includes 3 lock off devices - MCB, fused spurs and plugs
  • Carry cases included for storage and protection
  • Simple Go / No Go testing with the SOK34


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