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345 Power Quality Clamp Meter

FLUKE 345 Clamp on meter combines a power analyser, power quality logger, & clamp meter, ideal for commissioning and monitoring electronic loads.

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FLUKE 345 Power Quality Clamp - Monitor Electronic Loads!

Combining a power analyser, power quality logger, and clamp meter, the FLUKE 345 is ideal for commissioning and monitoring electronic loads.

In today‘s in the complicated electronic environment the need to know measurements aren’t always just limited to voltage and current.

With the FLUKE 345 you can:

  • View waveforms
  • Evaluate harmonics
  • Power
  • Capture inrush
  • Log measurements

The FLUKE 345 combines a clamp meter, a power quality meter, an oscilloscope and data logger into one portable tool.  Measuring voltage is as simple as using a multimeter, connect the test leads up to the voltage inputs, select voltage, then read your results.

Current measurement is just as easy, select current and open the jaw, clamp around the conductor and get your results.

With a 2000 Amp range for DC, 600 Amp for AC, and large jaw you evaluate most of the circuits in your building; and the logging function allows you to track those intermittent problems over a few hours or a few days. 

To really understand the behaviour of your electrical system, and the equipment connected to it, you need waveform and harmonics data. Turn the switch to waveform, and select either voltage or current waveforms to begin taking measurements.

Harmonics is a growing issues with today‘s electrical systems and the FLUKE 345 is the ideal tool for troubleshooting them. Set the switch to harmonics to see voltage distortion. Current distortion even with clean voltage can cause problems if it‘s overheating neutrals in transformers in the system.

The FLUKE 345 answers the question that a standard tester simply can‘t! Get a complete view of your electrical environment so you can make the best operational decisions.


FLUKE 345 Key Features:

  • Set up and troubleshoot variable frequency drives and UPS systems
    • Accurately measure key power quality parameters. A low-pass filter removes high frequency noise.
  • Uncover harmonic issues that damage or disrupt equipment
    • Analyse the harmonic spectrum graphically, with the bright, colour, power meter display, or digitally.
  • Measure inrush current to capture nuisance circuit breaker tripping from 3 to 300 seconds.
  • Verify system capacity with load studies—before adding loads.
  • Measure dc current up to 2000 A without breaking the circuit
    • The Hall Effect clamp meter design makes it possible.
  • Analyse trends or catch intermittent problems with long-term power quality monitoring.
  • Monitor for minutes or months, including harmonics, with high-capacity internal memory.
    • Measures three-phase balance loads.
  • 600 V CAT IV safety rating for use at the service entrance.
  • Includes Power Log software for generating reports and viewing graphs


What comes with the FLUKE 345?

  • FLUKE 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • Power Log Software
  • Test Leads
  • Aligator Clips
  • Test Probes
  • USB Cable
  • International AC Adaptor/Battery Eliminator
  • User Manual
  • CD Manual




Comparison Chart for: Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter

Energy studies
Measure V, I, kW, Cos/DPF, kWhr_
Measure min/max and avg values_
10-day logging_
Basic harmonic study
THD measurement (V & I)
Harmonics 1 to 25 for V & IV only
Advanced harmonics study
Full harmonic spectrum_
Power harmonics_
Basic industrial PQ troubleshooting
Oscilloscope function_
Voltage dips and swells
Advanced industrial PQ troubleshooting
Comprehensive logging capability_
Advanced features
Mains signaling__
Power wave__
Waveform capture
400 Hz__
Shipboard power__
Power inverter efficiency__
Motor analysis
Speed, torque, mechanical power, efficiency__
Fluke Connect app__
CAT IV/600 V_
CAT II/300 V_
Power from measurement line_


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
BE345 Battery Eliminator (Fluke 345) £145.00 ADD
i1A/10A CLAMP PQ1 1-phase Mini Current Clamp Set £485.00 ADD
i1A/10A CLAMP PQ3 3-phase Mini Current Clamp Set £533.00 ADD
i1A/10A CLAMP PQ4 4-phase Mini Current Clamp Set £718.00 ADD
i20/200A CLAMP PQ3 3-phase Mini Current Clamp Set £533.00 ADD
i20/200A CLAMP PQ4 4-phase Mini Current Clamp Set £718.00 ADD
I5A/50A CLAMP PQ1 1-Phase 5A/50A Mini Current Clamp set for PQ £485.00 ADD
i5A/50A CLAMP PQ3 3-phase Mini Current Clamp Set £533.00 ADD
i5A/50A CLAMP PQ4 4-phase Mini Current Clamp Set £718.00 ADD
i5s AC Current Clamp (5 A) £502.00 ADD
i5sPQ3 AC Current Clamp (5 A) 3-pack £1,191.00 ADD
MBX USB-RS232 EP0328Z USB to Serial RS232 Adapter £56.00 ADD
OC4USB Serial Interface Adapter/Cable (USB) £155.00 ADD
PM9080/101 Serial Interface Adapter/Cable (RS232) £256.00 ADD
TPS Shunt 1A A680501054 Shunt 1 A AC/DC £359.00 ADD
TPS/MBX DOLPH RED EP0326Z Dolphin Clip Red £36.00 ADD
TLK291 TLK291 Fused test probe set £61.00 ADD
TL175 TL175 Twist Guard Test Leads £26.00 ADD