Product Training 1/2 Day - Product Awareness Course

Get to know your new purchase! Maximise your return on investment with product and software training modules! A lack of product training can result in under-utilisation of test equipment, low return on investment and, most importantly, incorrect use.

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I have found out more today that on any other previous course!
Enjoyable, informative and concise
..keep doing what you are doing. Friendly and approachable teacher. Good practical course.


Product Training - Get the most out of your purchase
(including software training if required)

Duration: 1/2 day

Training matters...
A lack of product training can result in under-utilisation of test equipment, low return on investment and, most importantly, incorrect use. Do you have a feeling that you are using only 20% of the features your product has to offer.

Do you need a refresher course?
Have your trained personnel moved on?
Or simply lost the instruction manual?!

"We are able to offer a range of product training modules to suit YOU"

What will I learn?

  • Our bespoke training will be relevant to your application.
  • We can update your knowledge on current technologies and innovations.
  • Receive ‘Quick Reference’ sheets and short-cuts that ‘unlock’ the instruction manual.
  • Receive clear explanations of menu structures.
  • Learn good working practice eg. Health and Safety considerations - Your do’s and don’ts!
  • Understand product capabilities.
  • Have technical terms explained.
  • Customise product settings to suit your application.

The objective...

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased product utilisation
  • Increased return on investment

"PS. You don‘t need to have purchases the product from us!"

Who would benefit?

This training is intended for those with basic knowledge of the subject; for absolute beginners see our subject Awareness courses.


Training Image    Training Image    Training Image

Increasing demands of test and measurement, results storage and data analysis often means purchasing more sophisticated test equipment, and maximising on those purchases is key!

So in answer to questions such as:
   "How do I use this thermal imaging camera?"
   "I‘ve forgotten how to use this PAT tester!"
   "How do I get the most out of this tester?"
   "How do I utilise its features best?"
...we deliver tailored half-day Product Awareness course made up of modules designed specifically with your application and chosen model/software in mind.

Years of experience have gone into gaining a detailed knowledge of how to operate testers from manufacturers such as Seaward, Megger, Fluke and Testo to the more specialised Flir thermal cameras, and specialist HV locating equipment from Seba, RadioDetection and Cable Detection.

We have direct access to these manufacturers and with regular training sessions our knowledge is always growing. We have taken time to analyse instruction manuals and application notes… so let us pass this knowledge onto you so you can grow in confidence and ability.

In our tailored modules we can cover the software you intend to use, such as FLIR Tools, Fluke Smartview, Testo Pro, Seaward Elements, Seaward PatGuard Elite, and Megger Powersuite.

Contact our friendly team who will help guide you in fulfilling your training requirements - giving you easy access to the knowledge you or your company needs to grow!

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Product Training 1/2 Day - Product Awareness Course
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