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1555 10kV Insulation Resistance Testers

FLUKE 1555 Digital Insulation Resistance Tester designed to test up to 10kV. Ideal for testing a wide range of high voltage equipment including switchgear, motors, generators & cables.

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FLUKE 1555 10kV Insulation Resistance Tester

The FLUKE 1555 Insulation Resistance Tester offers digital insulation testing up to 10kV, making it ideal for testing high voltage equipment including switchgear, motors, generators and cables.


FLUKE 1555 Key Features:

  • Select test voltages up to 10kV (trending using FLUKE CONNECT)*
  • Safety rating: CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V
  • Selectable test voltages: in 50 V steps, from 250-1000 V (100 V steps above 1000 V)
  • Auditable data trail: wireless results storing (FLUKE CONNECT)*
  • Long-life battery: 750+ tests between charges
  • Eliminate surface leakage current effect: on high-resistance measurements using ‘Guard System‘
  • Identify degradation over time: Historical tracking and trending of assets (FLUKE CONNECT)*
  • Large digital/analog LCD for easy viewing
  • Capacitance and leakage current measurement
  • Ramp function for breakdown testing
  • Resistance measurements up to 1TΩ/2TΩ (tera-ohms)
  • Timer settings up to 99 minutes for timed tests
  • 3-year warranty


FLUKE 1555 Remote configuration and operation (via FLUKE CONNECT)

Data collection is easy using the FLUKE CONNECT wireless app.  Remote operation lets you spend as little time as possible in potentially hazardous zones. Real-time trending shows a live graph on your phone, rather than a hard-to-read set of changing values. And you can create reports quickly, using pre-designed templates that you can customise with company logos. The 1555 insulation tester can now conduct the entire range of test voltages specified in IEEE 43-2000 with a best in class, 3 year warranty and CAT IV 600 V safety rating.

Fluke Connect also simplifies test configuration. Using a smartphone, the FLUKE CONNECT app leads you through setup for any number of tests. You can quickly and accurately set parameters such as:

  • Test voltage
  • Ramp test selection
  • Time limit (duration) for the test
  • Measure polarisation index (PI)
  • Measure dielectric absorption ratio (DAR or DAR[CN])
  • Once the tester is configured, you can start and stop the test remotely, a safe distance away from any operating, energised equipment.


What comes with the FLUKE 1555?

  • Test cables with alligator clips (red, black, green)
  • Infrared adaptor with interface cable
  • AC power cord
  • Soft carrying case
  • Quick reference card
  • USB-IR cable installation guide
  • Heavy duty alligator clip leads

What extra comes with the 1555 kit?

  • IP67 Hard Case (instead of the soft carry case option)
  • Certificate of Calibration


Comparison Chart for: Fluke 1555 10kV Insulation Resistance Testers

1587 FC15871577150315071550C1555
Test voltages50 V to 1000 V50 V to 1000 V500 V to 1000 V500 V to 1000 V50 V to 1000 V250 V to 5000 V250 V to 10,000 V
0 .01 MΩ to 2 GΩ0 .01 MΩ to 2 GΩ0 .01 MΩ to 600 MΩ0 .01 MΩ to 2 GΩ0 .01 MΩ to 10 GΩ200 k to 1 TΩ200 k to 2 TΩ
PI/DARYes, plus Fluke Connect*Yes, plus Fluke Connect*
Timed ramp test (breakdown)
MemoryThrough Fluke ConnectYes, plus Fluke Connect*Yes, plus Fluke Connect*
Remote start and setupYes, through Fluke Connect*Yes, through Fluke Connect*
200 mA source (10 mΩ resolution)200 mA source (10 mΩ resolution)
Warranty (years)3331133
*Using ir3000 FC adapter / FLUKE Connect