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About Personalised Adhesive Labels

Adhesive labels serve many purposes within a business: categorising, tracking, and managing various items, from office supplies to equipment and inventory. By incorporating a colour-coded system or including brief descriptions on the labels, employees can quickly identify and locate items, promoting efficiency and reducing time wasted searching for resources. Personalised adhesive labels also aid in maintaining an organised workspace, enhancing overall productivity and streamlining daily operations. Whether used in storage rooms, offices, or manufacturing facilities, the convenience and adaptability of personalised adhesive contribute to a more systematic and well-structured work environment.

Adhesive / sticky labels are perfect for: Asset tags and asset labels, product labels, electrical test and calibration labels, warranty labels, blank labels, QR code labels, barcode labels, security labels, rating labels etc.

Waterproof / Durable: Labels can be manufactured from a range of waterproof and hardwearing materials and printed with UV resistant inks. The finished labels can have a clear varnish, laminate or be ‘under surface’ printed for increased protection.

Tamper Evident: Security or warranty labels are manufactured from tamper evident materials that have a 'VOID' or 'OPENED' message in the adhesive. Our best selling ultra destruct vinyl labels (very difficult to remove) are a proven success for asset labels and tamper seals.

Full Colour Printed: All our labels can be printed CMYK and may be enhanced with metallic foils or gloss spot varnish to create special effects.

Industrial Strength Labels: Made from 7-10 year vinyls, 3M Polyesters and other hi specification materials our durable labels can withstand harsh environments without loss of performance. Labels can be laminated with a gloss or matt clear polyester or alternatively ‘under surface’ printed for the ultimate durability.