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Battery Testing Equipment Hire

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Hire A Megger Programma Torkel 950 Battery Loading Unit

£580.00 per week
Megger Programma Torkel 950 Battery Loading Unit
  • Performs load/discharge testing; the only way to determine battery system’s capacity.
  • Discharge takes place upto 220 A. If requires higher current, Torkel systems can be linked.
  • Tests conducted: at constant current/power/resistance, or with a pre-selected load profile.

Hire A Megger Programma Torkel 860 Battery Loading Unit

£525.00 per week
Megger Programma Torkel 860 Battery Loading Unit
  • Tests backup batteries in substations/power plants when power failures mean major issues.
  • Used for systems ranging from 12-480V with discharging taking place at 110A. 
  • If a higher current is needed Torkel systems can be linked together.




We offer next day delivery, and we arrange the collection when you off-hire. Our stock is always fully calibrated. Benefit from unlimited technical support when hiring test equipment from Acutest.


Acutest offers comprehensive testing solutions for testing battery health; this section showcases our HIRE kits which offer proven battery testing solutions. We guarantee usability and reliability with every unit or kit!

  • Efficient solutions
  • Highest accuracy level
  • Innovative technologies
  • User-friendliness interface
  • Reliability
  • Best-in-class performance


Hire Battery Testing Equipment:

Providing solutions so power failures do not cause major issues! Keep your power supply uninterrupted.

Hire Megger's TORKEL 860 or TORKEL 950; perfect for testing backup batteries used in substations and power plants where power failures can cause major problems. Testing can be carried out without disconnecting the battery from the equipment it serves. The TORKEL is connected to battery, the current and the voltage alarm level are set. After starting the discharge TORKEL keeps the current constant at the pre-set level. When the voltage drops to a level slightly above the final voltage, TORKEL issues an alarm. If the voltage drops so low that there is a risk for deep discharging the battery, TORKEL shuts down the test.