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Machine Tester

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About Machine Testers

Where production line testing is concerned, safety is paramount. Ensuring that electrical equipment and appliances meet stringent safety standards is not only a legal requirement but also a crucial aspect of maintaining a secure and efficient manufacturing environment. Advanced machine testers play a vital role in these processes, helping industries adhere to regulations, mitigate risks, and uphold the highest standards of product quality. By embracing these advanced testing technologies, manufacturers not only ensure the safety of their products but also streamline their production processes, enhance data management capabilities, and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.


Key Features of Machine Testers:

Data Management and Traceability: These testers often come equipped with data management capabilities, allowing manufacturers to store and retrieve test results. This is crucial for traceability and quality control, providing a comprehensive record of each tested device. In the event of a product recall or quality issue, this data becomes invaluable for identifying and addressing potential concerns. With the CA 6161 and CA 6163 you can print PASS/FAIL stickers automatically!

Customised Testing Protocols: Production lines may deal with a diverse range of electrical appliances, each with unique testing requirements. These testers allow for the customisation of testing protocols to accommodate different products. This flexibility ensures that the testing process is tailored to the specific characteristics and safety standards of each device.

Compliance and Regulation Adherence: Adhering to safety standards and regulations is non-negotiable in manufacturing. Safety testers and advanced PAT testers assist manufacturers in meeting and exceeding these requirements, ensuring that the products leaving the production line are safe, reliable, and compliant with industry standards.

The CA 6161 and CA 6163 are electrical machine and switchboard safety testing. These testers have much in common with PAT testing, but there are several key differences. Both types of equipment are usually significantly larger and more complex and require higher currents and voltages for reliable safety testing, as per relevant (inter)national standards.


So what tests are covered with the CA 6161 and CA 6163 Electrical Machine and Switchboard Safety Testers?

Insulation Testing: Insulation testing is a fundamental procedure in electrical testing, focusing on assessing the integrity of the insulation material surrounding conductive components. This test helps identify potential faults or weaknesses in the insulation, preventing electrical leakage and minimising the risk of short circuits or electrical accidents.

Dielectric Strength Testing: Dielectric strength testing is employed to evaluate the ability of an electrical device or component to withstand high voltages without breaking down. This test is particularly important for ensuring the resilience of insulating materials and confirming their capability to endure voltage stress within a specified range.

Continuity Testing: Continuity testing is carried out to verify the presence of a complete electrical circuit. It helps identify open circuits, loose connections, or faulty components, ensuring that electricity can flow smoothly through the intended path without interruptions.

Voltage Drop Testing: Voltage drop testing assesses the voltage decrease along a specific electrical circuit. It is crucial for identifying potential issues such as excessive resistance or inadequate conductor size, ensuring that voltage levels remain within acceptable limits.

Discharge Time Testing: Discharge time testing is applied to assess the time it takes for a capacitor to discharge completely. This is particularly important in systems where capacitors are used for energy storage, as prolonged discharge times can indicate faulty components or degraded capacitance.

Leakage Current Testing: Leakage current testing is essential for identifying any unintended flow of current in a system. Excessive leakage currents can lead to energy loss, increased operating costs, and safety hazards. This test helps ensure that electrical installations meet safety standards and comply with regulations.

Functional Testing: Functional testing involves evaluating the overall performance of electrical systems and their components under normal operating conditions. This type of testing assesses the functionality of switches, relays, and other control elements, ensuring that they operate as intended.

Loop Impedance and Resistance Testing: Loop impedance and resistance testing are conducted to measure the impedance or resistance of a circuit. These tests help identify potential issues such as faulty wiring, loose connections, or excessive resistance, ensuring the overall stability and efficiency of the electrical system.

RCD Testing: RCDs are crucial safety devices designed to quickly disconnect a circuit in the event of a fault. RCD testing is performed to ensure that these devices operate promptly and effectively, reducing the risk of electric shock and providing an additional layer of protection for personnel and equipment.


CA 6161 / CA 6163 'Help Screen' with connection diagram:

You can display the connection diagram by pressing the HELP key.

4 wire continuity_measurement differential leakage current measurement
Help screen for differential leakage current measurement with the optional G72 clamp Help screen for 4-wire continuity measurement at 25 A (CA 6163)



If you have any questions contact our friendly team today - experts are here to advise on the full range of Electrical Machine and Switchboard Safety Testers.