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High Precision PQ Analysers

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Transformer Testing with a Power Analyser

The FLUKE Norma 5000 Power Analyser can perform a huge number of measurement tasks. One key task is transformer testing, for making primary offline analyses for both laboratory and field tests. The FLUKE Norma 5000 has the great advantage of needing no extra circuits to do this, requiring only a few settings to be made. With its total basic accuracy for power measurement from 0.1% (reading and range), it is one of the world’s most advanced units. The FLUKE Norma 5000 is available with several measurement channels. For transformer testing, the PP64 measurement channel provides a distinct advantage. When working on transformers with very low power factors, the PP51 channel adds a higher sample rate (1MHz), which delivers best results for power measurements.


Power Analysis on Transformers:

  • Efficiency (load losses) of single- and three-phase systems
  • Translation ratio of single- and three-phase systems
  • Harmonic analyses of single- and three-phase systems

The following transformer measurement tasks can be performed with the FLUKE Norma 5000 Power Analyser:

  • Core (iron no load) losses (open circuit test) ⇒ Offline
  • Copper Losses (short circuit test) ⇒ Offline
  • Efficiency (= load losses) ⇒ Online or Offline
  • Turns ration test ⇒ Offline
  • Temperature ⇒ Offline
  • Winding resistance ⇒ Offline
  • Excitation current ⇒ Offline
  • Impedance voltage ⇒ Offline
  • Harmonic analyses ⇒ Online or Offline

(Normally, all the transformer tests (loss measurement tasks) take place "offline" in the laboratory area).


If you have any questions contact our friendly team today - experts are here to advise on the full range of transformer testing power analyser options.