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Multifunction Testers

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What is the best 18th edition multifunction tester on the market? 

With so many to choose from how does one narrow down the field of possibilities… slimming down the choice from twenty testers to that ONE that best fits your needs (and budget)?

Your interest in multifunction testers is likely born from the requirement to source one instrument capable of carrying out the tests required when testing and verifying electrical installations.

A multifunction 18th tester which complies with BS7671 Wiring Regulations has the ability to conduct…

  • A continuity test
  • An insulation resistance test (relative to the circuit nominal voltage)
  • An earth resistance test to ascertain RA values (where applicable)
  • A loop impedance test
  • A line impedance test
  • A prospective fault current test (PFC)
  • A prospective short circuit test (PSC)
  • A RCD trip time test
  • A trip current test
  • A voltage test
  • A phase rotation test

You may already be familiar with a Fluke or Megger multifunction tester, or Kewtech multifunction testers may be your brand - likely as a result from using this particular make on a City & Guild’s course, or you may be familiar with a brand in general from using other test equipment from their family of products.  If you prefer to stick to a brand you know, and trust, the selection process is easier; simply view the manufacturer comparison chart located at the bottom of our product pages.

Besides the above multifunction testers from Fluke, Megger and Kewtech, Acutest offers other options such as the Di-Log DL9118 and the Socket & See MFT5000.

Perhaps the purchase decision is driven by a specific application such as electric vehicle charging. In this case EV charger testers are found in another part of our website: Electric Vehicle EVSE Testers

Another way of looking at the choice of multifunction testers is to consider advanced features such as a more advanced range when testing insulation: 50V, 100V and 2.5kV, earth electrode testing, the screen type, downloading capabilities, battery options (are they rechargeable?) and remote test probe options.

Lastly, your choice is going to be driven, to some greater or lesser degree, by your budget. The listing of multifunction testers can be arranged easily in ascending price order.

Of the premium products, perhaps the Megger 1741, with its "Confidence Meter" perfect when working in electrically noisy environments, catches your eye! Alternatively, the Fluke 1664 with its "Insulation Pre-test" and "Auto Test Sequences" may have the winning combination of features.

A Simple Multifuction Tester Comparison Chart... help you on your way:

Feature 50V Insulation Test 100V Insulation Test Screen Touch screen Phase Rotation Remote Probe Downloading of results Earth electrode set Fused test leads
Di-Log DL9118     MC            
Fluke 1662     MC            
Fluke 1663     MC            
Fluke 1664     MC            
Kewtech KT63DL     MC           OPT
Kewtech KT65DL     MC           OPT
Kewtech KT66DL     MC           OPT
Megger MFT1711     MC           OPT
Megger MFT1721     MC           OPT
Megger MFT1731     MC           OPT
Megger MFT1735     MC           OPT
Megger MFT1741     MC           OPT
Metrel MI3100S     MC            
Metrel MI3102BT     MC            
Metrel MI3125BT     MC            
Metrel MI3152ST     FC            
Socket & See MFT5000     FC            

MC = Monochrome
FC = Full colour
OPT = Optional

Note: For comparison purposes only. WE always recommend that you refer to each datasheet for confirmation of specification.