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Nov 03, 2022
Best Multifunction Tester Banner

A Simple Multifuction Tester Comparison Chart... help you on your way:

Feature 50V Insulation Test 100V Insulation Test Screen Touch screen Phase Rotation Remote Probe Downloading of results Earth electrode set Fused test leads
Di-Log DL9118     MC    
Fluke 1662   MC      
Fluke 1663   MC  
Fluke 1664   MC  
Kewtech KT63DL     MC       OPT
Kewtech KT65DL     MC   OPT
Kewtech KT66DL     MC     OPT
Megger MFT1711     MC           OPT
Megger MFT1721   MC       OPT
Megger MFT1731   MC   OPT
Megger MFT1735   MC   OPT
Megger MFT1741   MC   OPT
Metrel MI3100S MC    
Metrel MI3102BT MC  
Metrel MI3125BT MC    
Metrel MI3152ST FC  
Socket & See MFT5000     FC    

MC = Monochrome
FC = Full colour
OPT = Optional

Note: For comparison purposes only. WE always recommend that you refer to each datasheet for confirmation of specification.