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Laser levels

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About Laser Levels

FLUKE Laser Levels are the most robust products in the market, both inside and out. Inside, with a shock frame to protect from small impacts and normal movement (so no laser lock required) and out, with a rubber 'protective drop shield' to protect the unit against drops, even while in use.

FLUKE laser levels offer full-room line projection (both red and green [model dependant]) thus providing a broad field of view. FLUKE laser levels can project both horizontal and vertical lines across nearly the entire room which provide accurate reference lines for fast and accurate job layout.

With every FLUKE Laser Level, you'll receive a magnetic wall bracket for easy, stable mounting to any metal object and strong enough to be fixed to plaster wall angle beadings. Also, the provided clamp means easy mount to any non-metallic object such as a wooden door post... something that most brands do not cater for. If you wish to mount on to a screw or nail you can utilise the pre-made holes on the laser level.

Many other brands require a 'pendulum lock' that needs to be secured before moving the instrument. But these locks don’t provide any protection if the laser is dropped or knocked over while being used on a job site. FLUKE laser levels are designed without the need for a laser lock due to an integrated shock frame and rubber sleeve providing protection wherever you're working. The pendulum and laser of a FLUKE laser level remain safe, even without locking.

FLUKE laser levels offer clear and distinct laser lines in a compact platform weighing only 415 grams. Combined with the small, compact shape of the laser level the FLUKE 180 levels can be placed tightly into corners to check if a door frame is correctly installed and level.

The compact shape and crisp line(s) allow for full-room line projection, a task which is hard to perform with competitive products.

FLUKE tools provide a comprehensive solution for the user who needs one tool to address layout tasks for the electrician, technician or HVAC service professional. Bright, crisp, thin lines can be viewed anywhere around the room. FLUKE's laser lines are thinner providing the accuracy you need for a variety of layout, installation and maintenance tasks.

Fast stabilisation is a given with FLUKE laser levels because they stabilise quickly, ensuring you can continue with your job in a variety of industrial settings.

Fast-settling provides an advantage to the end users in 2 ways:

  • Each time you move your laser, it is quickly ready to use
  • Less frustration when the floor or stud vibrates, because the tool will settle again quickly


Laser Level full room projection 


About Rotary Laser Levels

Built by contractors for contractors providing bright, crisp reference points and lines for quick and accurate layout.

Rotary laser levels are advanced tools designed for levelling and aligning tasks with unparalleled accuracy. Unlike traditional bubble levels or optical instruments, rotary laser levels utilise a rapidly rotating laser beam to create a 360-degree horizontal or vertical plane. This continuous laser line provides a reference point for levelling and aligning, allowing for precise measurements over large distances.

Perfect for:

Construction: Rotary laser levels are widely used in construction for tasks such as grading, excavating, and setting foundation levels. They streamline the process, ensuring that structures are built on a level plane, which is crucial for the stability and safety of buildings.

Land Surveying: Surveyors utilise rotary laser levels to establish reference points, measure elevations, and create level benchmarks across large areas of land. This tool enables accurate topographic mapping and aids in the development of detailed survey reports.

Interior Finishing: In interior construction, rotary laser levels are invaluable for installing ceilings, aligning partitions, and positioning fixtures. Their precision ensures that finished interiors meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.

If you have any questions contact our friendly team today - experts are here to advise on the full range of laser levels.