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Process Loop Calibrators

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About Process Loop Calibrators:

Loop calibrators are handheld instruments designed to calibrate and troubleshoot process control instrumentation in a current loop. Current loops, often used in industrial settings, allow for the transmission of signals between sensors, transmitters, and controllers. Loop calibrators provide a convenient and efficient means of verifying and adjusting the accuracy of instruments within this loop.

They are essential for a range of applications, from routine maintenance to commissioning new instruments. As technology continues to advance, loop calibrators are likely to evolve, incorporating new features and capabilities to meet the ever-growing demands of modern industrial processes. In the hands of skilled technicians, loop calibrators remain key contributors to the seamless operation of industrial systems.


Process Loop Calibrators Key Features:

Current Measurement and Simulation: Loop calibrators excel in accurately measuring and simulating current signals within a control loop. They allow technicians to verify the performance of transmitters, sensors, and other devices by generating precise current signals, ensuring that instruments respond as expected.

Voltage Measurement and Generation: In addition to current, loop calibrators often include features for measuring and generating voltage signals. This capability is crucial for calibrating devices that operate on voltage inputs within the control loop, offering a comprehensive solution for calibration tasks.

Multifunctionality: Loop calibrators typically offer a range of functions, including sourcing and simulating various types of signals, measuring temperature, and performing continuity checks. This multifunctionality makes them indispensable tools for professionals working with diverse instrumentation.


Process Loop Calibrator Applications:

Process Control Instrument Calibration: The primary application of loop calibrators lies in the calibration of process control instruments, including pressure transmitters, flow meters, and level sensors. By ensuring the accuracy of these devices, loop calibrators contribute to the overall reliability and efficiency of industrial processes.

Field Troubleshooting: Field technicians often encounter issues with instrumentation, and loop calibrators provide a rapid and effective means of troubleshooting. Technicians can use these devices to identify and rectify problems within the control loop, minimising downtime and optimising system performance.

Commissioning New Instruments: During the installation of new instruments or systems, loop calibrators play a vital role in commissioning. Professionals can use these instruments to verify that newly installed devices operate within specified parameters, ensuring a smooth and error-free integration into the existing control loop.

Maintenance and Preventive Calibration: Regular maintenance and calibration are essential for preserving the accuracy and reliability of industrial instrumentation. Loop calibrators facilitate preventive calibration, allowing technicians to proactively address potential issues before they impact the efficiency of the control loop.


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