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Megger Seba
HPA100 AC High Voltage AC Test Set 100 kV

The Megger Seba HPA100AC is a high power AC test set ideal for testing of HV-components.

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Megger Seba HPA100AC High-Voltage test system up to 100 kV RMS AC

An AC Test System designed to test low to medium types of capacitive objects such as:

  • Transformers
  • Switchgears
  • Isolated bus-bars
  • Bushings


The AC Test System consits of:

  • A control unit (used for controlling the high voltage transformer)
  • A transformer

The two piece design allows the operator to use the unit at a safe distance and consists of a variac, current/ voltage display instruments, a timer for the test duration and a safety circuit.

The low voltage winding can be continuously excited from zero to the maximum value so that a certain output is available for a pre-determined period. The operating duration depends on the application, ranging from a few minutes to continuous operation. The test transformer is single-pole insulated and mounted in an insulated cylinder with top and bottom flanges. The insulation material is primarily oil impregnated paper.


Megger Seba HPA100AC Key Features:

  • High power AC test set
  • Powerful test and burning system
  • Continuous testing with AC voltages up to 100 kV RMS at 5 kVA
  • Built-in overcurrent protection
  • DC testing up to 130 kV with optional rectifier
  • Own noise-level below 1 %
  • Suitable for sensitive PD measurements


What does the Megger Seba HPA100AC come with?

  • Control unit HSG 10-1
  • Transformer HTR 100
  • Set of cables HPA 100, 5 m
  • Earthing stick 150 kV


Technical Specification for: Megger Seba HPA100 AC High Voltage AC Test Set 100 kV

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