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Franklin Electric
Midtronics CAD-5000 Kit with Celltron Advantage Handheld Battery Tester

Franklin Electric (Midtronics) CAD-5000 Celltron Advantage Handheld Battery Analyser is a user-customisable, economical battery management tool for service providers, operations, & maintenance teams.

Part Number:
CAD5000 Kit

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Franklin Electric Midtronics CAD-5000 Celltron Handheld Battery Tester Kit

(originally under the branding Midtronics)

The Midtronics CELLTRON ADVANTAGE is a user-customisable, economical battery management tool for service providers, operations, and maintenance teams.

With the capability to test Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) and Vented Lead Acid (VLA) batteries, the CELLTRON ADVANTAGE is capable of providing Battery Voltage down to one (1) volt and measures inter-cell and terminal connection resistance.


▶ Video: CELLTRON Advantage Battery Testing:

Thumbnail for the Celltron Advantage battery testing video

Celltron Advantage Battery Analyser Application:

  • Telecommunications
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Power Utility – NERC PRC-005 Solution
  • Commercial Generator Battery Start – NFPA 110 Solution


What comes with the CAD-5000 Kit (Bronze Kit)?

  • Celltron Advantage Battery Analyser
  • Standard mode testing
  • Probe and cable set
  • USB drive for Excel data transfer
  • Battery pack (1)
  • Soft Case


About Conductance-Based Battery Testing

Conductance-based battery testing technology measures the battery‘s conductance, which is the ability to transmit electrical current. As a battery ages or experiences degradation, its conductance changes, reflecting alterations in the internal components and overall health. Conductance-based testing allows for quick and non-invasive evaluations, enabling technicians to assess the battery status without the need for time-consuming discharge-recharge cycles.

One significant advantage of conductance-based battery testing is its ability to detect potential issues before they escalate. By providing a real-time snapshot of a battery‘s condition, this technology facilitates proactive maintenance, minimising the risk of unexpected failures. Additionally, conductance-based testing is more reliable in assessing the true state of a battery, especially in situations where voltage readings may be misleading.

  • Conductance is not a measure of battery capacity; it is a measure of battery state of health
  • The relationship between a battery’s capacity and conductance
  • When a battery is at 60% conductance it is near end of life

As industries increasingly prioritise efficiency, safety, and sustainability, conductance-based battery testing emerges as a pivotal tool for optimising performance, extending battery life, and reducing overall operational costs. This innovative technology is proving to be a game-changer in ensuring the reliability of critical power systems across various sectors.

  • Conductance is a measurement of the plate surfaces available for chemical reaction to determine how much power the battery can supply.
  • The units for Conductance is MHOS (G), also known as Siemens (s)
  • As batteries age, their chemical efficiency declines equalling a loss of capacity
  • This loss of capacity is usually evaluated by a loss of measured conductance (it is not a one-to-one correlation)
  • Conductance testing is a quick, safe, accurate and easy way to determine a battery’s relative condition or state-of-health
  • High conductance is one indication of a healthy battery
  • Conductance declines as the battery fails


Comparison Chart for: Franklin Electric Midtronics CAD-5000 Kit with Celltron Advantage Handheld Battery Tester

Gold Kit (CAD 5500)Silver Kit (CAD 5200)Bronze Kit (CAD 5000)
TesterCAD 5500CAD 5200CAD 5000
Standard mode testing
Probe and cable
USB drive for excel data transfer
Battery pack221
CaseHard caseHard caseSoft case
Generator Start
In-unit trending
Discharge manager
Probes / clamps / cable
USB cable


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
CA026 Accessory CA026 4 Foot Interchangeable Cables (CELLTRON) £486.79 ADD
CA031 Accessory CA031 Waffle Probe Tips £61.54 ADD
CA069 CA069 Probe replacement kit £60.59 ADD
CA034 Accessory CA034 Probe Extenders £329.92 ADD
CA092 Accessory CA092 Clamp replacement £378.11 ADD
CA093 Accessory CA093 Probe replacement Kit £378.11 ADD
CA090 Accessory CA090 Battery Pack £119.18 ADD
A095 Thermal Printer Paper (6 Rolls Per Box) £51.61 ADD
CA087 IR Printer £616.25 ADD
CT-Express Accessory Celltraq Express Software - 1 User Software £381.83 ADD
CA100 Ballistic Nylon Backpack £187.22 ADD