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BITE 5 Battery Tester

Megger BITE 5 Battery Tester (lead acid, NiCD, & lithium-ion). Measure, record & trend battery voltage, impedance & temperature. An all-in-one battery testing device.

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Megger BITE 5 Battery Tester

Megger BITE 5 Battery Tester is an all-in-one device boasting features to help with all your battery testing requirements and it‘s perfect for those who work with substations, are in telecoms, the solar and wind industries, UPS maintenance or data centres, work with batteries. 

Recorded data of  each test or each cell can be trended on the unit’s touch-screen.  Set pass, warning, and fail limits for voltage and impedance and record the ripple voltage, ripple current, and float current.  The data is transferable via USB or via SD card to the Megger Power DB software.  This allows for custom reports and automated analysis.

Megger BITE 5 also supports discharge testing and will measure the voltage and current throughout the discharge cycle. The unit can also measure the impedance and temperature throughout the discharge cycle.

Record voltage, DC current, impedance, and temperature of each cell throughout the entire discharge test and measure the average impedance at the end of the commissioning test and use this as a limit for future impedance tests.


Megger BITE 5 for more than just batteries

The BITE5 can be used on more than just batteries. Measure and record the output of solar panels on a branch of panels. Measure and record combiner DC voltages. Measure the input and output of inverters and more.


Megger BITE 5 Key Features:

  • Tests lead acid (VLA and VRLA), NiCD, and lithium-ion batteries
  • Measure and record battery voltage, impedance, and temperature
  • Measuring impedance on cells up to 200V
    • Cell voltage
    • Cell temperature
    • Cell voltage ripple
    • AC current (ripple)
    • DC current (float)
  • Supports battery discharge testing
    • Measures cell voltages throughout discharge
    • Measure cell temperature throughout discharge
    • Measure cell impedance throughout discharge
    • Measure DC current throughout discharge
  • Measures AC and DC current
    • Measure string voltages up to 1000 V DC
    • Measure solar combiner boxes up to 1000 V DC
    • Measure DC side of inverters up to 1000 V DC
    • Measure AC side of inverter up to 600 V AC
  • Wirelessly transfer data to PowerDB software
  • See data trends
  • Complete with colour touch-screen display


Megger BITE 5 Applications:

  • Battery impedance testing
  • Battery discharge testing
  • Solar combiner box measurements up to 1000 V DC
  • Lithium-ion battery testing up to 200 V DC


What comes with the Megger BITE 5?

  • (90037-555) Duplex probes (With temperature probe)
  • (90037-576) Voltage test leads
  • (90039-077) Charger
  • (90037-529) Neck strap
  • (90037-575) Zero bar
  • (90037-572) 16G Micro SD Card
  • (90037-571) Micro SD Card USB reader
  • (90037-569) USB cable
  • (90037-570) Stylus
  • (90037-573) Carry bag
  • (90037-574) Pouch bag


Technical Specification for: Megger BITE 5 Battery Tester

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Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
90037-560 Concentric Probes (1/2 Inch Tip) £223.50 ADD
90037-565 Concentric Probes (1 Inch Tip) £284.46 ADD