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Torkel 910 Battery Load Tester

Megger TORKEL 910 Battery Load Tester performs load tests or discharge tests to determine a battery systems actual capacity. For use in HV substations & industrial environments.

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Megger TORKEL 910 Battery Load Tester

TORKEL 900 series is used to perform load or discharge testing, which is the only way to determine battery systems actual capacity. 

The instrument is designed mainly for capacity tests. The unit can be programmed to test a battery bank at constant current, constant power, constant resistance or using a user-defined load profile. TORKEL can also be used for testing battery chargers and other electrical equipment that require resistive load testing.

TORKEL 910 is very much the same as the TORKEL 930 but has lower discharge current and some limitations see the specifications table.


Megger TORKEL 910 Safety

Safety of the user is at the forefront of the design with compliance with EMC and LVD standards and third-party certifications to provide adequate protection against electric shock.  Safety features include spark free connection, emergency stop, and speed monitored fans to detect blocked airflow.


Megger TORKEL 910 Key Features:

  • An the spot analysis: Intuitive analytical abilities built into the unit, plus 7 inch touch-widescreen
  • Discharge testing for full insight into battery capacity
  • Enhanced safety features including spark free connection and emergency safety fuse
  • Ability to test the battery without disconnecting it from the system
  • High discharge capacity shortens the test time
  • A complete stand-alone discharge test system


Megger TORKEL 910 Application:

Connect unit to the battery, set current and voltage alarm levels. After starting the discharge, TORKEL keeps the current constant at the preset level. When the voltage drops to a level slightly above the final voltage, TORKEL issues an alarm.  If the voltage drops so low that there is a risk for deep discharging the battery, TORKEL shuts down the test. If the power supply is interrupted the test will continue when the power is restored. All values are stored in TORKEL and can easily be transferred via a USB stick to a your computer for evaluation and print out.


What comes with the TORKEL 910?

  • TORKEL 910
  • Mains cable
  • (GA-09550) Cable set, 2 x 3 m, 70 mm2
  • TORKEL Viewer
  • USB memory stick
  • Transport case




Comparison Chart for: Megger Torkel 910 Battery Load Tester

Current (max)220 A110 A
Voltage (max)300 V300 V
BVM functionality2 strings of 120
Charging measurement
Full report functionality
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