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Jun 10, 2022
Acutest Calibration Capabilities

Acutest's Calibration and Instrument Supply Portals

▶ Video: An Overview of the Acutest Calibration Portal

Calibration Portal

Keep track of your assets and keep them in good working order!

This portal will save you time, effort and frustration by tracking your assets’ service history and helping you to keep your test instruments in good health.  You can easily view and manage your instruments’ calibration status via the user-friendly dashboard, with electronic certification at your fingertips… available 24/7! It can also be customised to include your company logo.

The latest development of the portal has seen mobile functionality improve with a QR scanner which allows users to scan all calibrated devices whilst out in the field, perfect for compliance spot checks!  All of the above features will help you formulate your calibration policies, so get in touch with Acutest today to arrange a demonstration, either via video conferencing, or at your premises.


With a user-friendly dashboard on both desktop and mobile devices...

Responsive Calibration Management Software

...and an asset bar code or QR code scanner so you can easily link the instrument with the asset record on the portal.


Calibration Management App


Trusted Calibration Service

▶ Video: An Overview of the Acutest Instrument Supply Portal

Acutest Instrument Supply Portal

This handy on-line resource will list your approved instruments but it’s much more than that… your staff can log into your own company-branded portal and easily view your approved equipment via a user-friendly dash-board. Intuitive categories, contract prices and product information are only a click away, meaning the correct products can be available to your staff to ensure compliance with your purchasing policy.  You’ll also benefit from product videos and technical data sheets to aid in correct usage.  Consolidated invoicing can be activated for a more streamlined, accurate and efficient procurement process.