Personal portable gas detectors application shot

Making the world a safer place

Crowcon has a wealth of knowledge regarding gas detection technologies and applications, gained from many installations around the world!

Crowcon understands current and future market requirements and responds accordingly. Crowcon products provide safety, health and environmental technologies to support organisations across multiple industries, with a focus on gas detection.

Developing and progressing with the vision to protect people and the environment from gas hazards by manufacturing both single-gas and multi-gas monitors, designed for personal and larger-scale monitoring.

Crowcon recognise no two installations are the same; the environmental conditions, detection requirement, user interaction and the information needed to ensure safe and cost-efficient deployment should all be considered.


Crowcon's mission

"To combine our expertise with emerging technologies to develop process insights and protection for our customers. Improving their operational efficiency and creating healthier and safer workplaces.

To grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day by providing best in class gas safety solutions."


Portable gas detectors

Portable gas detectors are primarily used by mobile workers working within often harsh environments, which are not monitored by fixed gas detection equipment!

Crowcon’s Portable Gas Detectors protect against a wide range of industrial gas hazards, with both single-gas and multi-gas monitors are available.

Making your job more efficient and safer!

Crowcon are experts in single-gas and multi-gas solutions for the monitoring of oxygen, flammable and toxic gases which deliver uninterrupted operation in the most demanding environments.


Acutest are here to support you and your organisation

Here to help you make the correct choice when it comes to personal/portable gas detection and monitoring devices.

We can assist you in making the correct selection for your environment and application, answering questions like...

  1. Does it detect the gas(es) I need to monitor?
  2. Is it quick and simple to use?
  3. Would training be needed?
  4. My environment is harsh, is it up to the job?
  5. Since accuracy and efficiency are key, can you show me it's right for my application?
  6. Is it reliable? Is it safe?
  7. What's the shelf-life?
  8. What's the battery life? Will it last for my shift or multiple shifts?
  9. Does it need calibrating?


We have the resource and expertise to demonstrate Crowcon units/kits if required, remotely via live stream or at your premises:

Crowcon Personal Gas Monitor Demonstration