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Jul 14, 2023
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Test equipment for the Wind Farm sector; improve efficiency, reduce cost & extend the life of your assets

Test equipment which is of particular value in wind farm applications include Electric Motors and Generator Testers, Contact Connections Testers, Earthing System Testers, Lightning Protection Systems, Insulation Resistance Analysis, Legal Certainty In Wind Energy and Circuit Breakers.


Wind Farm Test Equipment


Testing Electric Motors and Generator

Megger MTR105
MTR105 Handy Multi-Functional Tester
A wind turbine nacelle contains several rotating electrical machines
  • Checks every important parameter of generators and electric motors in the wind energy plant
  • Three-phase insulation diagnostics with temperature correction and measurement
  • Guard terminal ensures precise measurement results even in contaminated enclosures (This is a very useful function
  • in, for example, older wind turbines located near coasts, where salt-containing crusts form on the enclosures)
  • Voltage meter AC, DC, TrueRMS
  • Four-wire low-ohm measurement (Kelvin)
  • Continuity and diode test
  • Motor rotation direction with phase sequence
  • Distinguishes between capacitive, inductive and resistive charging states
  • Detects live lines and immediately blocks the measurement for safety reasons
  • The outer case is almost indestructible and is weatherproof according to IP54, including the battery and fuse compartments
  • And more...



Contact Connections Testers

Megger MOM2
MOM2 Handy Micro-Ohmmeter (tests up to 220 A test current)
1 kg it's perfect when working at higher altitudes
  • All contact connections within the turbine must be low-resistance enough to prevent devastating fires after heat formation
  • The 220 A test current means you will learn much more about the fault than with the 100 A required by the standard
  • Weighing in at just under 1 kg it's perfect when working at higher altitudes (such as in the nacelle of a turbine), on load isolating switches, on busbars or when working in confined spaces
  • Thanks to the battery, you can work for a full day without having to connect to the mains
  • The measurement memory collects your results during the day, which you can then evaluate later comfortably and safely with MOM2 Win on a PC
  • And more...



Earthing System Testers

Megger DET24C
DET24C Handy Earth Clamps
Earth resistance measurement is a fundamental test in every wind turbine
  • Earth resistance measurement is the only way to prove the effectiveness of the foundation earth electrode
  • Induces a voltage into the loop and measures the current that flows in the earthing system
  • The resistance of the earth loop can be determined from this and this allows you to measure the resistance in earthing or lightning protection systems
  • The novel, elliptical design of the jaw and the short jaw body allow you to safely cover round or even flat earth connections
  • The use of flat jaws prevents dirt buildup on the clamp and ensures measurement accuracy and reliability in practice
  • CAT IV 600 V measurement category
  • And more...



Lightning Protection Systems

Megger DLRO10
DLRO10HD / DLRO10HDX Micro-Ohmmeters
Lightning strikes can completely destroy a wind turbine
  • Wind turbines stand high up on hills or in open spaces and this means lightning strikes are a concern!
  • Lightning strikes are not a problem if the resistance of the lightning protection system is low enough. DLRO10HD is specifically designed for this important test
  • With a 10 A test current (and up to 100 m test lead for long blades) it's perfect for low-resistance testing on the lightning conductors
  • Suited to many other applications to (testing welding connections or the winding resistance of large motors and transformers)
  • And more...



DC Insulation Resistance Analysis

Megger S1 Series
S1 Series High-end Insulation Resistance Tester
Ideal for energy suppliers
  • The insulation on each electrical conductor begins to age immediately after the system is installed (heat, frost, saltwater or pests accelerate this process)
  • The systematic testing and diagnosis of the insulation with direct current in the generator, in the transformer and, of course, in all electrical LV lines is therefore the most important test for every electrical component of a turbine!
  • This class of devices offers you special properties that perform particularly well in environments with very high interference, such as substations and switchgears (anywhere where transformers are located).
  • And more...



For Legal Certainty In Wind Energy

Megger Sverker 900
Sverker 900 Relay Substation Test System
Successful protection testing system used world-wide
  • Efficiently test the current transformer's functional unit, protective relay and power switch pertaining to switchgear within wind turbines and substations
  • The repeat tests carried out on digital protection devices discover faults which cannot be determined via the self-regulation process
  • Simulates secondary variables, designed to test all protective functions within protective relay systems
  • Can simulate a frequency change in the network
  • Standalone functionality
  • 3 currents and 4 voltages
  • Generation of 900 V and 105 A in single phase mode
  • Secondary and primary testing
  • And more...



Circuit Breakers

Megger EGIL 200
EGIL 200 Circuit Breaker Analyser
Measure circuit breakers in wind turbines
  • Measure circuit breakers in wind turbines in a more compact, simple and versatile way, plus the price point makes it attractive for small energy producers! (In addition, it’s the ideal tool for operation departments at large energy suppliers)
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive operation offers final measurement results with a minimal user interaction
  • Instrument and accessories designed for the most demanding field conditions
  • And more...