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FLUKE FEV300 EV Charge Point Tester (Electric Vehicle)

Perfect For The EV Charger Installer / Engineer

Have You Heard About The FLUKE Installation Tester Updates?

FLUKE 1663 and 1664FC now have the ability to test 6mA RDC-DD, in accordance with international standards IEC 60964 and IEC 62752.

This firmware update adds an important feature to FLUKE's already comprehensive testing solutions for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), making it easier for our customers to perform all necessary tests in one go. With this addition, FLUKE 1663 and 1664FC are now fully equipped to meet the evolving needs of the market, and we believe it will make a real difference for our customers.

The demand for EVSE testing has been growing rapidly in recent years, due to the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and the need for safe and reliable charging infrastructure. This market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, and it becomes increasingly important for testing solutions to keep up with the evolving needs of customers.

The addition of 6mA RDC-DD testing capability to the FLUKE 1663 and 1664FC testers, together with the FEV300 test adapter, allows for comprehensive testing of EVSE according to international standards. This feature is particularly important for those who rely on accurate and reliable testing to ensure the safety and functionality of EVSE systems. By providing this new capability, FLUKE is demonstrating its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the growing EVSE testing market.


The Fluke 1664FC and FEV300 being used to test an evse


The FLUKE FEV 300 is the solution for testing the function and safety of AC electrical vehicle charging stations. Equipped with both Type 1 and Type 2 connectors. It's perfect for extensive testing on Mode 3 charging stations commonly found in both public and home settings. It is compatible with both a panel mount socket outlet as well as with a fixed cable.

The FEV 300 is loaded with features such as emulating an electric vehicle, which allows the FEV 300 to replicate a charging cycle for precise results. With its Proximity Pilot state rotary switch, it simulates various current capacities of the charging cable from 13 amps to 63 amps. The Control Pilot state rotary switch allows simulation of charging states A-B-C. It also integrates a PE pretest feature for testing voltage presence on the PE conductor.

Furthermore, the FEV 300 is compatible with the 1663 and 1664FC Multifunction Installation Testers from Fluke, which allows for a variety of safety measurements.

This integration facilitates quick and easy testing of RDC-DD, providing additional protection against 6mA DC leakage currents on charging points.

These safety tests, in line with international standards ensure charging stations adhere to the highest professional standards, safeguarding users and reinforcing your reputation as a thorough and dependable electrician.


▶ Video: Informative Video Of The FLUKE FEV300

Video thumbnail for the FLUKE FEV300 EV Charging Test Adapter


In the above video FLUKE explore how to use the FEV300 in combination with an installation tester, detailing:

  1. Set the left dial to the charging point’s maximum current
  2. Set the right dial to vehicle status: 'A'. Connect your installation tester to the FEV300, and then connect the adapter to the charging point
  3. Set the right dial to vehicle status: 'B', which signals the charger to lock the plug
  4. Wait a few seconds to allow the charging station to stabilise, then set the right dial to vehicle status: 'C'. The charger will activate the charging output, which is indicated by the LEDs on the FEV300 adapter
  5. Carry out necessary electrical safety testing according to your country's installation test standards
  6. Simulate Protective Earth error and Control Pilot error by pressing the respective keys
  7. Ensure the charger stops charging when errors are present
  8. Lastly, test condition: 'D', charging with ventilation
  9. Rotate the dial to status: 'A', then 'B' or 'ready to charge'
  10. Finally, select status 'D'
  11. As most charging stations do not provide charging with ventilation, the charging station should show error condition, and the charging output should not be activated

FLUKE is here to empower your EV safety. 

With the FLUKE FEV300 and the 1663 and 1664FC Installation Multifunction Testers, you ensure reliable, compliant, and secure EV charging infrastructure.