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Jun 23, 2023
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Our recent visit to Midlands Power Networks

Midlands Power Networks is a valued Acutest customer and the Acutest/Megger partnership was delighted to fulfil their recent training requirement for the Megger Sverker 900 Relay Substation Test Systems.

Midlands Power Networks

We pride ourselves on good customer service and the training was well received by Midlands Power Networks engineers; this is what they had to say:


  • "Really enjoyed the training and knowledge learned today. Knowledge is power!!!"
  • "Well presented by very professional people"
  • "Great training helped me understand the uses of a Sverker much better. And how we use them in real time scenarios"
  • "Very useful information. I can now understand how to use the sequence function. Salman answered my question very clearly and professionally. Thank you very much!"
  • "Please pass on our thanks to the Megger and Acutest team for the valuable support offered in today’s familiarity training - it was nice to refresh on the basic functionality and capability of the Sverker 900 but then we also applied recent practical experience to find better ways to utilise the programmable step change functions, giving the timings for each change, then fault and pre-fault scenarios to enhance the knowledge and performance of our commissioning engineers. Great session, great team and the offer of ongoing support is invaluable!"


 Midlands Power Networks Sverker 900 Training


Midlands Power Networks Review of Acutest Megger Training

Midlands Power Networks is a leading provider of high and low voltage electrical solutions:
Consultation work
Network design
Installation and maintenance
Fault location
Energy Saving solutions
And everything in-between

Midlands Power Networks offers UK-wide coverage.



This group of Ex-DNO engineers keep up-to-date with product training; something which the Acutest and Megger partnership can assist with.