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Seaward Apollo 600+ is the first and only PAT Tester to incorporate a built-in camera

Useful when PAT Testing but also for many of the workplace testing inspections, including risk assessments, ladder checks, vehicle inspection and a host of other application which require a form filling.  The camera helps you work more efficiently and offer a value-added or chargeable service to your customers or duty holder.

10 uses for the Apollo 600+ Camera:

Lets look at:

1.   Identifying an appliance / asset tracking
2.   Evidence of a passed visual inspection
3.   Evidence of a failed visual inspection
4.   Evidence of appliance repairs before and after
5.   Proving why equipment could not be tested
6.   Evidence of a risk assessment
7.   Corrective actions undertaken for risk assessment
8.   Identification of location to be checked
9.   Evidence of non-conformity on health and safety form
10. User tests


Identifying an appliance:

You have your asset list, but you're spending much more time looking for an appliance, than testing it! Get full visibility into your assets when collating images with the Apollo 600+.

Use the Apollo 600+ to take a photo of each appliance on your first run of testing, then when retesting your list of assets, simply key in the asset ID and up pops the appliance photo - Making locating your appliances much easier!

Use in conjunction with a barcode label or QR code - printable from the Apollo Elite Printer.  Users are empowered to quickly locate specific assets and view important history.


Evidence of a passed/failed visual inspection

According to the IET 5th Edition Code of Practice... visual inspections are the most important aspects of electrical safety testing, identifying the vast majority of failures however, unlike electrical tests which obtain absolute results, visual inspections can be subjective!  The camera can be used to justify why an appliance passes/fails a visual inspection.

Seaward Apollo 600+ Failed Visual Inspection Photo


Evidence of appliance repairs before and after

You may be required to give evidence of repairs undertaken on appliances - it will be helpful to take a before and after photo.  This will be time and date stamped, and used as proof of repair.

This can be a value-add service you choose to offer or a chargeable service which can set you above your competition and bring additional revenue to your PAT business.


Proving why equipment could not be tested

Sometimes when carrying out testing inspections there can be obstructions preventing the necessary work being carried out.  For example, an appliance is out of safe reach or it can't be safely isolated. The duty holder may require you to give evidence of why these items were not tested - a photograph is the ideal way to demonstrate this.


Evidence of a risk assessment

When using the risk assessment features of the Apollo 600+ the camera is an ideal way to log visual evidence of hazards and show why they've been assigned a particular risk score.


Corrective actions undertaken for risk assessment

If the risk assessment 'risk score' exceeds the unsatisfactory level corrective actions may be required.  The camera can be used to highlight and leverage what needs to be done, at the beginning and end of the workflow as well as provide visual evidence the work has been carried out.


Identification of location to be checked

Another great feature of the Apollo 600+ is the additional health and safety forms - these are linked to a specific location and a photo of the area to be inspected can be added to the form.  Custom forms can be built to manage workplace risk assessments.


  Seaward Apollo 600+ Health and Safety Form Image


Evidence of non-conformity on health and safety form

Various ISO standards such as ISO9001 make reference to recording and documenting non-conformances.  If there are any non-conformities found when completing a health and safety inspection these can also be captured visually by adding a photograph to the form.


User tests

With the Apollo 600+ you are not restricted to just logging PAT Tests and risk assessments, set up user specified tests and you can log just about any preventive maintenance test or inspection along with a photo for visual evidence.  Some ideas are PPE kit checks on items such as safety helmets, access equipment including ladders and safety frames, lifting equipment, pollution monitoring, fluid level monitoring, fire safety on the likes of break glass points or fire extinguisher inspections.

The key benefit of this process is that if the information is recorded electronically it is stored and can be interrogated at a later date.  Saving considerable time against a manual system and endless searching through filling cabinets.


Seaward's Richard Slade Explains the benefits of the Apollo 600+:

The Seaward Apollo 600+ revolutionises safety management, with a built-in risk assessment tool for any workplace hazard and offers an all-in-one solution to managing a risk-based approach to health and safety in any workplace, reducing the burden and ensuring compliance.

It also has user configurable inspection and test sequences, which can be created or adapted for use with any PPM or PPE inspections.  Typical examples include ladder inspections, legionella monitoring and emergency lighting battery checks.  This function makes the Seaward Apollo 600+ the complete health and safety compliance and reporting tool.

Seaward Apollo 600+ more than just a PAT Tester! 



 Seaward Apollo Applications For Safety Inspections


How The Seaward Apollo 600+ will benefit your business!

More than just a PAT Tester for not much more!

For a little extra harness these impressive additional features and...

  • Get the edge on your competition!
  • Offer a value-added service
  • Or offer a chargeable service and generate additional revenue

"So for a little extra compared to the Apollo 500+ model... £140 equating to 53p* per week - Which Apollo model will you choose?" (*assuming 5 years of usage)