Pocket Thermal Cameras are handy for building inspections, FM, HVAC, plumbing, electrical work

Q: Which FLIR Compact Thermal Camera is Right for Your Needs?

Do you carry out building inspections, facilities maintenance? Are you a HVAC technician, a plumber or an electrician?

Wondering which FLIR compact Thermal Camera would suit your application!

Both the FLIR C5 and C3-X camera models are packed with features that make it easier to inspect and find hidden problems, document issues, and share results with your customer.

Both models include:

  • FLIR-patented MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) to produce richly-detailed thermal images by bringing together the visual and thermal spectrums
  • High sensitivity, a wide field-of-view, and fully radiometric imagery to clearly show where problems are located (and verify the completion of repairs)
  • Picture-in-picture, area max/min temperature measurements and Wi-Fi connectivity

Q: So what's the difference between the FLIR C5 and C3-X?

FLIR C3-X Compact Thermal Camera

The affordable, entry-level C3-X boasts all the features mentioned above and complements the other tools in your toolbox. Be ready anytime to find hot fuses, cold air leaks, plumbing issues, and more!

The FLIR C3-X Compact Camera

FLIR C5 Compact Thermal Camera

The C5 is a reliable tool with the powerful features needed to support regular professional use.  The C5 includes a more powerful 160 x 120 pixel thermal imager and higher temperature range.  It also has zoom capabilities and features like 1-touch level/span.

▶ Video: FLIR C5 Compact Thermal Camera:

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FLIR Cx-Series C3-X C5
Object temperature range -20 to 300°C (-4 to 572°F) -20 to 400°C (-4 to 752°F)
Zoom No Yes
Image adjustments Automatic level and span, Manual level and span Automatic level and span, Manual level and span, 1-Touch Level/Span
Streaming No USB Video Class colorized uncompressed with overlay
Notes (text) Soft keyboard on touchscreen Soft keyboard on touchscreen; Auto-prompt for note when image is saved

Q: How do I share results instantly with my customer?

Directly upload images using FLIR Ignite cloud connectivity, then create professional reports and email them to your customers.

Spend less time on analysis and reporting. Show clients or decision-makers existing faults or potential problems discovered during a thermal inspection to quickly get the “go-ahead” to begin on repairs.

Looking at FLIR Ignite Software and how you can share with customers


▶ Video: FLIR Ignite Software:

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