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Beha Amprobe
AF-600-EUR A-Frame Ground Fault Locator

Beha Amprobe A-Frame Ground Fault Locator, used to pinpoint ground faults & leakage points.

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Beha Amprobe UAT-610-EUR A-Frame - A Cable Fault Location Accessory

Accurately and safely pinpoint underground utilities before you dig.

Accidentally hitting a utility line during a project can lead to costly repairs and create hazardous public safety situations. Digging in the wrong place can also lead to unnecessary delays and costs for your project, and ultimately, your company. Avoid this disruption with the rugged and durable Beha-Amprobe UAT-600-EUR Series, designed to accurately pinpoint underground utilities and buried services.

Beha Amprobe Key Functions:

  • Identify any point of leakage around a cable
  • Locate cable and wire ground faults, sheath faults or pipeline coating defects, where the utility is in direct contact with the ground
  • Find the exact point where metal is touching the ground and power is leaking, ie, a shield is rusted or a rubber buffer is broken, creating noise on a cable

Beha Amprobe Key Features:

  • Advanced technology and digital signal processing makes pinpointing process fast, accurate and clear:
    • Compass guidance with numeric fault field strength indicates the direction of the fault
    • Distance sensitive left and right arrows guides the user to precisely follow the path of the buried utility
    • Automatic gain control quickly detects tracing signal and precisely adjusts the A-Frame sensitivity
    • Adjustable volume controls
  • Clearly view the auto back light LCD display in bright sunlight and all other outdoor condition
  • The AF-600-EUR A-Frame comes complete with batteries and a carrying case


▶ UAT-600 Series Overview:

Thumbnail for the Beha Amprobe UAT-610-EUR Overview



▶ Locator A Frame:

Thumbnail for the Beha Amprobe UAT-610-EUR A Frame


The Beha Amprobe UAT-600 Series

CAT IV 600V rated, it is possible to detect buried utilities like energised or de-energised cables or metallic pipes up to 30 meters deep and to do accurate depth measurement up to 6 meters deep. Great for electrical contractors, construction projects, utilities maintenance crews, oil and gas, telecom and cable TV.

Available with signal clamp included (UAT-620-EUR) or without signal clamp included (UAT-610-EUR) and with an optional A-frame (AF-600-EUR) ground fault locator, used to pinpoint ground faults and leakage points.
The locating kits come complete and ready for use with a Transmitter, Receiver, test lead kit, batteries and additional fuses, all in a mobile, protective duffle bag.


Technical Specification for: Beha Amprobe AF-600-EUR A-Frame Ground Fault Locator

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