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DD230 SMART Utility Locators

Leica Geosystems DD230 Utility Locator enable the operator to trace utilities with confidence in environments with high utility density & complexity.

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Leica Geosystems DD230 SMART Utility Locators Solution

The DD SMART range of utility locators from Leica Detection are successors to the EZiCAT 600 and 700 series locators.  There have been a number of design advances in all areas of the locator.

A modified casing has resulted in an improved ingress protection rating from IP54 to IP66.   The re-designed high contrast colour display is very user-friendly and includes on-board video support.  A further enhancement is the ability to add identifiers such as user/company details to the start-up screen.

From an operational point of view, versatility is increased by the addition of 131kHz in Transmitter mode where there is a requirement for improved induction or cross-coupling onto other services. Furthermore, the addition of 512Hz and 640Hz frequencies makes the DD230 suitable for long range tracing with little ‘coupling’.

Line depth in Power mode is increased to 7 metres, sonde depth to 10 metres.

The locator is fitted with a micro-USB port to update software, provide calibration and maintenance support, configure the product and upload data.

When used with the DA230 transmitter, the DD230 SMART locator automatically searches for the correct frequency to avoid any mismatch, though the user still has the option of manually selecting the correct frequency.

The locator has a 8GB memory for the recording of alerts, warnings, GPS position and depth estimations: downloading is an easy process via Bluetooth to the DX Shield software which can then be used to provide an overview of product use and report generation.

Leica Geosystems was formally Cable Detection.



Leica DD230 Key Features:

  • Best in class tracing performance
  • SMART Technology for a connected world
  • Additional tracing frequencies
  • Current measurement
  • Depth estimation to 10 metres (33 feet)
  • Good-to-Go Health check
  • IP66 rating - dust and water proof
  • 3 Year warranty


Leica DD230 Accuracy:

Accurately trace utility lines using simple workflows, increasing capability to analyse your assets performance in less time. Personalise and enhance reports to provide actionable outcomes improving site safety and workflows. With the DD SMART utility locators and the DX Shield software more utilities are located. With the locators’ new technology there is a reduced need for multiple sweeps.


Leica DD230 Support:

On-board video support, safe operator usage alerts and diagnostics to protect your assets and your site workers with a SMART solution. DX Shield software and DD SMART utility locators provide organisations with a solution to review and report on assets use, which allows organisations to improve process and products usage.


The Leica Geosystems Locator Range:

The SMART utility locator solution, including the DD230/220 cable locator series, DX Shield software and signal transmitters, is the only
complete portfolio of detection solutions which allows users to detect buried utilities, transfer and access data remotely to a hosted service for multiple users, across multiple sites to manage site activities.


Comparison Chart for: Leica DD230 SMART Utility Locators

Power50 / 60 Hz50 / 60 Hz
mains electrical and harmonicsmains electrical and harmonics
Radio15kHz to 60kHz15kHz to 60kHz
AutoPower / Radio / 33kHzPower / Radio / 33kHz
Transmitter Modes131.072 (131) kHz131.072 (131) kHz
32.768 (33) kHz32.768 (33) kHz
8.192 (8) kHz8.192 (8) kHz
512 Hz
640 Hz
Depth RangeLine 0.1m to 5mLine 0.1m to 7m
Line 4 inches to 16.4 feet4 inches to 23 feet
Sonde 0.1m to 7mSonde 0.1 to 10m
Sonde 4 inches to 23 feetSonde 4 inches to 32.8 feet
Depth Accuracy*5%5%
BluetoothClass 2 BLE dual mode moduleClass 2 BLE dual mode module
Bluetooth Classic 2.1Bluetooth Classic 2.1
Bluetooth 4.0 (LE)Bluetooth 4.0 (LE)
GPS**Chipset (1): u-blox GPSChipset (1): u-blox GPS
Reciever Type: GPS L1C/A; SBAS L1C/A;Reciever Type: GPS L1C/A; SBAS L1C/A;
Accuracy (2): Horizontal Position 2.5 mAccuracy (2): Horizontal Position 2.5 m
Autonomous; 2.0 m SBAS;CEPAutonomous; 2.0 m SBAS;CEP
Start time: Cold 45 s typical; Aided 7 sStart time: Cold 45 s typical; Aided 7 s
typical; Hot 1 s typicaltypical; Hot 1 s typical
Memory Capacity8 GB internal memory8 GB internal memory
Environmental StandardIP66IP66
Operating Temperature-20 °C to +50 °C-20 °C to +50 °C
-4 °F to +122°F-4 °F to +122°F
Battery7.4V Rechargeable Li – Ion7.4V Rechargeable Li – Ion
Battery operating time ***15 h15 h
Dimensions (HxWxD)765 x 290 x 93mm765 x 290 x 93mm
Weight with batteries2.7Kg2.7Kg
* Depth to an undistorted signal
** See data sheet
*** See data sheet
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