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eCAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool with Datalogging

Radiodetection eCAT4 is equipped with an automatic recording system which stores up to 2 years’ worth of usage data in its internal memory. Data can be later retrieved & analysed using a USB lead & a PC.

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Radiodetection eCAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool with Data Logging and Swing

This product is now obsolete. To find out more about other models still available click on the relevant Cable Avoidance Tool: CAT4EN29, CAT4+EN31, GCAT4+EN03.

Radiodetection‘s CAT and Genny 4 range enables operators to work more efficiently, more safely, and to manage their CAT4 and Genny4 fleet more effectively.

eCAT4 series units feature on-board data acquisition to aid in identifying training needs, while the SWING warning alerts the operator to incorrect usage patterns, encouraging corrective action. All CAT4 units are equipped with Radiodetection’s proprietary eCert technology, which provides a comprehensive assessment of the unit’s hardware and software using an internet connection to Radiodetection*, and can be used to extend the validity of the CAT4’s calibration certificate on-demand.

*Further purchase may be required


Radiodetection eCAT4 Key Features As Standard:

  • Avoidance mode for rapid surveying - Simultaneously search for and pinpoint Genny, Power and Radio signals.
  • Genny signal locate
  • Power signal locate - Detects the electromagnetic fields generated by loaded power cables.
  • Radio signal locate - Detects long-range radio signals as they travel along buried cables and pipes.
  • Small Diameter locate frequency
  • eCert - Forms part of an annual service regime and is activated through the CAT Manager PC software.
  • Dynamic overload protection
  • Data acquisition
  • Service due indicator - Countdown from 31 days before due
  • Swing warning

▶ Video: How do I locate streetlighting cables?

Video thumbnail for the Radiodetection CAT and GENNY Series

Radiodetection eCAT4 Data Acquisition/Logging Feature:

Log and save key eCAT4 usage parameters, recorded at 1-second intervals.

On-board memory allows over a year’s worth of data** to be stored on eCAT4 series products. This data can be backed-up to a PC at any time, giving virtually unlimited record keeping for the life of the product. Retrieved data can be analysed, either locally or remotely, to aid in ensuring compliance and identifying training requirements. Factors include:

  • Mode of use
  • Date and time of survey
  • Angle of use
  • Bargraph readout
  • Depth measurements made
  • Last / next calibration date
  • Genny / Power / Radio signal strengths
  • StrikeAlert / Swing warning statuses
  • Audio status
  • Sensitivity control setting
  • Battery status
  • Dynamic Overload Protection /signal overload status

**Based on 8 hours use per day, 5 days per week


Radiodetection eCAT4 Service Due Indicator Feature:

Annual service and calibration is key to ensuring that CAT operators can work safely and with confidence in their equipment. To support this, eCAT4 units provide a 31-day Service Due countdown warning on start-up.


Radiodetection eCAT4 Swing Warning Feature:

Designed to respond exceptionally fast to even the smallest detectable underground signals. Radiodetection’s research into underground signal detection has shown that the ability of an operator to identify these buried utilities is directly affected by careless working practices such as excessive or rapid swinging. To further reduce utility strike risks, eCAT4 units are equipped with sensors to detect such incorrect usage and warn the operator with an alert that is also stored in the data log.


The various models of the Radiodetection eCAT4:

  • (10/ECAT4EN39) eCAT4, Data, SWING
  • (10/ECAT4EN69) eCAT4, Data, SWING, CALSafe
  • (10/ECAT4EN59) eCAT4, Data, SWING, StrikeAlert
  • (10/ECAT4EN89) eCAT4, Data, SWING, StrikeAlert, CALSafe

Radiodetection eCAT4 CALS Feature:

CALSafe enabled units can be set to automatically deactivate on expiry of the defined calibration interval, to help ensure compliance with individual company policies.The interval required between services can be customised using the CAT Manager software to anything up to one year.

Radiodetection eCAT4 StrikeAlert Feature:

Warns of shallow buried utilities, improved in CAT4 to minimise false alerts.


Comparison Chart for: Radiodetection eCAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool with Datalogging

Avoidance Mode (A)
Genny signal locate (G)
Power signal locate (P)
Radio signal locate (R)
Small Diameter Locate frequency
Dynamic Overload Protection
StrikeAlert OptionOptionOptionOption
Data acquisition
Service due indicator
SWING warning
Bluetooth Low Energy


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
02/FR0819 Pulling Eye £37.00 ADD
02/SU0339 Plastic or Cane Rod Connector Male £35.00 ADD
02/SU0341 Wards Rod Connector 3/4 inch (19mm) x 10 BSW Female £35.00 ADD
02/SU0342 Wards Rod Connector 1/2 (13mm) x 12 BSW Female £35.00 ADD
02/SU0401 BT Adaptor; Duct Rods 1 and 2 £35.00 ADD
02/SU0403 BT Adaptor; Duct Rod 5 £35.00 ADD
02/SU0676 Lockfast Connector 3/4 inch (19mm) x 10 BSW £35.00 ADD
10/GENNY-LCC Live Cable Connector £237.00 ADD
10/BAGPACK4-UK Genny4 and Bag Pack Contains Genny4 (English labels) and Soft Carry Bag £752.00 ADD
10/BUILDPACK4-EN Builders Accessory Pack £1,257.00 ADD
10/ELECPACK4-UK Electricians Accessory Pack £1,092.00 ADD
10/TX-CLAMP-EXTROD Signal Clamp Extension Rod £37.00 ADD
10/FLEXRODF120-9 9mm 120m Flexrod £1,259.00 ADD
10/FLEXRODF60-9 9mm 60m Flexrod £836.00 ADD
10/GENNY-KIT Genny4 Connection Kit £118.00 ADD
10/MAXIPACK4-UK Maxi Accessory Pack £1,455.00 ADD
10/GENNY-CLAMP-215 Large Signal Clamp (220mm) £388.00 ADD
10/SONDE-S18A-33 S18A Sonde 33kHz £442.00 ADD
10/SONDE-STD-33 Standard Sonde 33kHz Depth 5m £340.00 ADD
10/SU0335 Spring Coupling M10 Male £86.00 ADD
10/GENNY-CLAMP-50 Small Signal Clamp 50mm (10/GENNY-CLAMP-50) £269.00 ADD
10/TRACE50-GB FlexiTrace 50m £1,158.00 ADD
97/CATMANAGER CAT Manager support software CD £20.00 ADD
97/CALCERT Calibration Certificate reprint £31.00 ADD
02/SU1421N1 Sonde coupling M10F - M12F £30.00 ADD