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Genny 4 Signal Generator

Radiodetection‘s Genny4 Signal Generator offers a Signal Boost feature which increases the output signal by up to 10 times allowing you to locate over extra distance & depth.

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Radiodetection GENNY4 Signal Generator

Locate more, and smaller, utilities with dual power and simultaneous dual frequency design.

A large number of cable strikes are low voltage electricity cables and many of these are street lighting cables.

These types of cables are:

  • Mainly located in footpaths
  • Are frequently not identified on plans
  • Are commonly only buried at a shallow depth
  • Often do not radiate a signal during daylight hours because there‘s no current flowing even though it is still live


▶ How to detect and locate street lighting cables safely and accurately:


The Genny 4’s patented simultaneous dual-frequency signal output facilitates location of small diameter cables such as telecoms and street lighting, including spurs. The power boost function in Genny4 enables the locate signal to travel further and deeper, and couple onto utilities more easily.

The CAT4 Avoidance Mode lets the operator check an intended excavation area for Power, Radio and Genny 4 signals, and pinpoint located utilities, in a single scan. The bargraph ‘tidemark’ enables the user to quickly spot and zero-in on a buried conductor.

The Genny 4 provides a class-first simultaneous dual-frequency signal output. Alongside the familiar 33kHz signal for general purpose locates, the Genny4 transmits a specialised Small Diameter Locate frequency which facilitates location of utilities such as telecoms and street lighting, including spurs. For difficult locates, the Signal Boost function enables the Genny4 signals to travel further and deeper, and couple onto utilities more easily. CAT4’s Dynamic Overload Protection feature automatically filters out high levels of interference, allowing operators to continue working even in electrically noisy areas such as substations and under high-voltage cables – and requires no input from the operator.


Genny4 Key Features:

  • Includes direct connection leads and earth stake
  • Signal Boost - Signal Boost feature increases the output signal by up to 10x allowing you to locate over extra distance and depth.
  • Dig more safely! offers a number of features designed to support safe working and help to drive utility strike rates down.
  • Straightforward operation and introduction - CAT4 and Genny4 retain the familiar CAT operating interface first introduced by Radiodetection in the mid-1980s and have been designed for full reverse-compatibility. For example, all Genny3 accessories are compatible with Genny4. Engineered to deliver a step change in capabilities with minimal change in work practices or training requirements.
  • Accessory storage tray - Conveniently store Genny4 accessories, including the supplied magnet, earth stake and direct connection leads.

The Genny 4 Signal Generator is for use with the CAT4, CAT4+, eCAT, eCAT4+, gCAT4 and gCAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tools.


The various models of the Radiodetection Genny4:

  • (10/GENNY4EN) GENNY4 Signal Generator (includes direct connection leads and earth stake)
  • (GENNY4+BAGPACK) GENNY4 & Soft Carry Bag (designed to hold a CAT and Genny, plus their accessories)