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Step Voltage Set Digital Pin Pointing System

The Baur Protrac Step Voltage Pin-pointing System designed to pin-point cable sheath faults and faults due to earth contact (acoustic pin-pointing optional functionality).

Part Number:
Protrac Step Voltage Set

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Baur Protrac Step Voltage Set

Designed for fast, precise cable fault pin-pointing of cable sheath faults and faults due to earth contact (acoustic pin-pointing as optional functionality).

  • Sheath and earth fault location with step voltage
  • Immediate use out of the box
  • Automatic adjustment to the measurement voltage
  • Measurement range from 1 µV – 220 V
  • Indicates changes to the step voltage with 12-second History display
  • Unique operating convenience thanks to wireless Bluetooth connections
  • Precise 3D user guidance to the fault
  • Excellent acoustic quality and range
  • Saves time thanks to use of cable route data and the pre-located fault position from the BAUR Fault Location App


The Baur Protrac Step Voltage Set Includes:

  • CU control unit
  • Carrying strap
  • 8 x NiMH Mignon 1.2 V IEC LR6
  • Charger incl. country-specific adaptor
  • Protrac screwdriver
  • USB cable 2.0 for software updates


What comes with Baur Protrac Step Voltage Set?

  • SVP step voltage probe, red
  • SVP step voltage probe, black
  • SVP cable, red, 2 m
  • SVP cable, black, 2 m
  • User manual
  • Transport case



  • Contact tip for AGP, 300 mm
  • SVP cable, 10 m
  • SVP cable, 25 m, on hand drum
  • Headphones, 3M Peltor Bluetooth



Baur Protrac Series

The BAUR Protrac Pin-Pointing system is used for the precise pin-pointing of cable and cable sheath faults. Combining acoustic and electromagnetic fault pin-pointing with sheath fault location in one system, it is ideal for universal application. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, locating the exact fault position with the Protrac is extremely fast and precise. The innovative two-level signal processing concept permits a high degree of sensitivity and accuracy, and maximum suppression of ambient noise.  The prepared measurement data is sent directly to the headphones and the CU control unit via Bluetooth. The wireless connection ensures greater convenience and freedom of movement and dispenses with the need for cumbersome cables. The measurement parameters are set automatically depending upon the environmental conditions. As a result, and thanks to the intuitive operation of the capacitive touchscreen, working with the Protrac is extremely simple and convenient.


Protrac Functions:

  • Acoustic and magnetic pin-pointing of cable faults
  • Pin-pointing of cable sheath faults and faults due to earth contact using the step voltage method


Protrac Advantages:

Unique operating convenience

  • All system components are connected with each other wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Distances of up to 40 m between the control unit and the acoustic ground probe are possible
  • Power supply by rechargeable or non rechargeable batteries
  • Can also be used without headphones thanks to the loudspeaker integrated into the control unit


Precise 3D user guidance:

  • Precise left/right guidance and fault direction display in the 3D view
  • Real-time calculation and display of the fault distance incl. the previous measured values


Time saving thanks to Baur Fault Location App:

  • Adaptive two-stage ambient noise suppression (ANS)
  • Ambient noise inhibiting design of acoustic ground probe
  • Clear distinction between the breakdown noise of the fault and the surge noises of the cable fault location system


Excellent acoustic quality and range:

  • Use of the cable route data from GIS databases in the BAUR cable fault location system as well as the precisely pre-located fault position in a map
  • Direct availability and use of geographic information


Technical Specification for: Baur Step Voltage Set Digital Pin Pointing System

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