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EA Technology
CableSniffer Locator (for use with but not including a Drill System)

EA Technology CableSniffer for underground cable fault location works via 8mm bore hole, no full scale excavation! Senses gases when insulation breaks down.

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EA Technology Cable Sniffer - Locate Faults in Underground Low Voltage Cables Fast!

Over 2500+ In Service!

The CableSniffer has made such a significant difference to locating faults in LV cables.  The UK’s 6 distribution network operators, who serve a population of 60 million+, have over the last 10 years made the CableSniffer part of their field kit.

Finding underground cable faults with trial excavations wastes time and money! The Cable Sniffer is portable and easy to use so why not consider it for your engineers’ field kit?

The Cable Sniffer works by...

...sampling and analysing the gases emitted when the cable‘s insulation starts to break down.  Rather than full scale excavations this is achieved via a series of 8 mm bore holes which accommodate the sensor probes.  Normally, the highest concentration of gas is directly above the fault.  With a sensitivity as low as 60ppm for the gasses given off by failing joints and insulation, the CableSniffer can pinpoint the fault to within 1 metre, virtually guaranteeing the fault will be found with a single dig, eliminating the need for multiple exploratory excavations which can cost around £1000 each!   

EA Technology Cable Sniffer Key Features:

  • Under one hour typical time to locate each fault - A fraction of the time taken with conventional methods
  • Far fewer holes and trenches - Less disruption and environmental damage
  • No need to locate faults by breaking and re-jointing healthy cables – which can introduce new faults
  • 10 years’ track record of effectiveness in the field
  • Minimal training required
  • Runs on a long-life, rechargeable battery
  • Improves customer service

Save money with the Cable Sniffer:

  • Immediate return on investment plus repeated year-on-year savings.
  • Average 50% saving on the costs of fault location and re-instatement, with even greater savings where there are time-based penalties for disrupting highways.
  • Naturally, less excavations means less time, less disruption and lower costs, resulting in faster repairs and more responsive customer service.

What is in the Cable Sniffer Kit (CS2-DS)?

  • CableSniffer CS2 Instrument (1)
  • Carry Case (1)
  • Battery Charger (1)
  • Connector Hose (1)
  • In-line Filter Assembly (1)
  • Sensor Straw Adaptor (1)
  • Sensor Straw (10)
  • Spare Filter Paper (4)
  • Spare Particulate Filter (4)


Technical Specification for: EA Technology CableSniffer Locator (for use with but not including a Drill System)


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
CS-BC CS-BC CableSniffer Battery Charger (Mains Only) price on request