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Megger Seba
DigiPHONE+2 Surge Wave Receiver (complete set)

Megger Seba DigiPHONE+2 Surge Wave Receiver integrates audio & electromagnetic functionality into one simple to understand, colour display. Designed for acoustic / electromagnetic fault pin-pointing, but with no disturbing noise anymore - you‘ll hear only the fault, nothing else!

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Megger digiPHONE+2 for Acoustic / Electromagnetic Fault Pin-Pointing

Megger digiPHONE+ Silence During Fault Location

Used in conjunction with a Surge Generator or Sheath Fault Locator pulsed energy source to find the exact location of a fault.

This instrument sets the standard, by integrating audio and electromagnetic functionality in to one simple to understand, colour display.  Combining two new technologies for efficient noise suppression, it offers exceptional acoustic performance which lets pass only the fault noise. This means it is possible to lower the surge energy and to find faults in noisy environments. The operator’s hearing is protected by auto proximity mute, turning off the head set as a hand approaches the sensor handle and turning it on again once mechanical oscillations have ceased, and limiting the earphone output to 84 db(A). Cable tracing is simplified using the left right indicator keeping the sensor over the cable while the compass indicates the direction to the fault and the digital readout displays the distance to the fault.


What‘s new with the Megger digiPHONE+2?

  • NEW Greatly improved noise filtering
  • NEW Amplification of the fault signal
  • NEW Combination of fault arrow with cable compass
  • NEW Bluetooth headphones (Optional)
  • Sheath fault testing (NT Set)
  • Cable tracing/line location (NTRX Set)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (Optional)


  • Megger digiPHONE+2 Other Key Benefits:
    • Bright, sun-readable display
    • 84 dB(A) limiter
    • Acoustic-magnetic cable fault location
    • Automatic filtering of interference signals
    • Automatic adjustment of all parameters, no adjustment necessary


Megger digiPHONE+2 Improved Technologies:

BNR - Background Noise Reduction

NEW, intelligent BNR technology with filtering and background noise suppression produces an undisturbed acoustic experience, only sending the fault sound to your ears.

APM - Automatic Proximity Mute

When the sensor handle is approached, the sound stops, before the hand touches the handle – no cracking, no banging.  After the sensor has been put down again, a short delay ensures that the digiPHONE+2 sensor is standing stable and possible mechanical oscillations have ceased, before the headset is activated.

No disturbing noise anymore. You hear only the fault, nothing elseYour ears will love it!

Bluetooth headphones

Active noise cancelling ability, ambient noise can be kept to a minimum.  However, these battery-powered headphones also have a disadvantage: if the battery runs out, you can‘t continue working!  The digiPHONE+2 has solved this problem. If the battery runs out, just connect the headphones to the control unit with a cable and you can keep working.

Cable Compass and Fault arrow

[1] The cable compass for visualisation of the route keeps the user safely on the cable. The compass (green line) not only indicates whether you are left or right of the cable, but also in which angle the cable runs to the sensor.

[2] The fault arrow indicates in which direction the fault is present. The fault distance can optionally be defined in milliseconds, meters or feet.


DigiPHONE2+ Compass and Arrow


▶ Video: Megger DigiPHONE+2 Application

Thumbnail for the Megger DigiPHONE+2 Surge Wave Receiver video


The digiPHONE+2 in detail

 What is included in the digiPHONE?


[1] Tough ground sound sensor. Developed for the most challenging conditions
[2] Selectable ground adapters designed for the best possible sound absorption for different soil properties
[3] Ergonomic handle - Height adjustable for maximum comfort
[4] Multifunctional display unit with intuitive user interface
[5] High-end Bluetooth ANC headphone (Active Noise Cancelling) with crystal-clear sound through Sennheiser sound quality (optional)


Megger digiPHONE+2 Options:

  • (1013124) digiPHONE+2
  • 2 display unit
  • digiPHONE+ 2 sensor unit
  • Connection cable
  • Telescopic handle
  • Measuring tip 18 mm
  • Measuring tip 75 mm,
  • Tripod
  • Base plate
  • Base plate with bitumen
  • Sensor cable
  • Stereo headphones
  • 6 pcs. battery 1.5 V
  • Transport bag
  • Insert for transport bag



Easily extend your digiPHONE+2 Set to the NT Set (ESG earth rods)

Enables you to locate cable sheath faults using the voltage gradient method. With the NTRX Set you can also use the Ferrolux receiver for routing and cable tracing.

Extending the digiPHONE+2 to the NT set

[1] Soil spike connection sockets
[2] Connection socket for tracing sensor and ground-borne sound sensor
[3] 3 Headphone connection socket



What extra do you get with the (1013126) digiPHONE+ 2 NT Set?

This set, along with acoustic-magnetic cable fault location, allows the location of cable sheath faults using the voltage gradient method.

In addition to the above components you receive: 2 pcs. earth rods, 2 pcs. contact sponges for earth rods, additional bag for earth rods, 2 m test lead (red with angled plug), 2 m test lead (black with angled plug), headphones Sennheiser HD 450BT Black (Bluetooth & ANC)


What extra do you get with the (1013168) digiPHONE+ 2 NT Set?

As well as the functions of the NT set, this set enables the use of routing and expert cable tracing.

In addition to the above components you receive: sensor unit Ferrolux IFS, Ferrolux IFS connection cable for display unit.


Technical Specification for: Megger Seba DigiPHONE+2 Surge Wave Receiver (complete set)

Indicator Unit
Power supply6 x AA batteries, type IEC R6 (alkaline manganese)
Operating time>20 hours
Operating temperature-20°C to 55°C
Operating humidityMax. relative humidity 93% at 30°C
Storage temperature-30°C to 70°C
DisplayTFT colour display with 320 x 240 pixels
Weight<0.9 kg
Dimensions225 mm x 65 mm x 100 mm (W x H x D)
Protection rating (according to IEC 60529 (DIN VDE 0470-1))IP 54
Sensor Unit
Acoustic amplification>120 dB (facility for limiting amplification to 84 dB(A) can be switched on and off)
Dynamic range of the sensor Acoustic channel Magnetic channel>110 dB >110 dB
Frequency range of sensor100 to 1,500 Hz
Filter stages
Low pass100 to 400 Hz
Band pass150 to 600 Hz
High pass200 to 1,500 Hz
Weight (incl. telescopic handle)<2.2 kg
Dimensions230 mm x 140 mm (Ø x H)
Protection rating (according to IEC 60529 (DIN VDE 0470-1))IP 65 (only for plugged-in connector)


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
108301264 Sensor unit Digiphone PLUS £1,900.00 ADD
128314003 Display unit with shoulder strap Digiphone PLUS £2,078.00 ADD
118302978 Bag £70.02 ADD
118303026 Tripod £43.00 ADD
118303027 TIP 18 mm £13.00 ADD
128309348 Insert £45.00 ADD
810002087 Stereo headphones £225.00 ADD
890025250 Telescopic handle £229.00 ADD
890026252 TIP 75 mm £21.00 ADD
890026548 Sensor lead for Digiphone PLUS £157.00 ADD
892334291 Set of batteries £25.00 ADD
899006924 Ground Plate £59.00 ADD