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Megger Seba
MFM10-1 Sheath Fault Location Set (Audio Frequency Set)

The Megger MFM10 Sheath Fault Location Unit with Bi-polar Measuring Voltage Method for easy, precise & fast sheath fault location.

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Megger MFM10 Sheath Fault Location Unit with Bi-polar Measuring Voltage Method

The intuitive menu-driven operation of the Megger MFM10 with fully automatic measurement and evaluation enables the testing of cable sheaths as well as the prelocation and pinpointing of cable sheath faults in the most simple way possible. The entry of data is done according to the well-proven SebaKMT rotary encoder principle and is supported by a touch-screen. The very powerful 10 kV DC source with positive and negative polarity allows the testing of HV cables. The bi-polar function ensures the elimination of external thermoelectric and galvanic influences. A multi-section facility permits the entry of cable segments with different parameters. The available high current of up to 750 mA enables also the “burning” of difficult cable faults. Integrated protocolling feature in combination with the approved Easyprot Software for an easy and reliable test generation.


Importance of Sheath Condition

For power cables and particularly for cables in the field of telecommunication, an undamaged cable sheath is an exceptionally important prerequisite to avoid serious cable faults which would influence the quality of supply. The value of a cable is also determined by the condition of the sheath. Irrespective of the tests and diagnoses of the core insulation, the early recognition and elimination of sheath faults has a stabilising effect on the operational quality of a cable system. The sheath fault location system MFM10 was developed for this purpose. This device is used for the general measurement of insulating cable sheaths and, due to its numerous applications, is regarded as the universal device for these measuring requirements. Accordingly, the MFM10 permits in the easiest way the testing of cable sheaths and prelocation and pinpointing of cable sheath faults.


Megger MFM10 - Highly Portable

This highly portable system is enclosed in an IP53 wheeled case.  Automatic measurement enables the testing of cable sheaths as well as the pre-location and pin-pointing of cable sheath faults. A single test lead makes connection easy and the unit will test its own connections for pre-location. The sheath fault pre-location method is automatic, the operator just enters the overall cable length. The ± 10 kV dc output permits the testing of HV cables. The bi-polar function eliminates the external thermoelectric and galvanic effects on pre-location considerably enhancing the accuracy.


Megger MFM10 Key Features:

  • Testing, prelocation and pinpointing of sheath faults
  • Audio frequency option with 8.44 kHz
  • Voltage up to ±10 kV DC
  • High current of up to 750 mA
  • Only one HV connection cable
  • Automatic measurement and protocolling
  • Solid IP53 PELI trolley case for easy handling
  • Wide range input for all supply voltages
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Improved prelocation with voltage drop method
  • Highest accuracy by bi-polar measurement
  • Independent from the resistance of supplementary wires and test leads
  • Very fast and fully automatic measurement
  • Detection, storage and indication of fast events
  • Protocolling by Easyprot Software
  • Burning
  • Slim HV connector and just one cable
  • Detection of correct hook-up to cable under test
  • Fault locating of high-resistive faults inside cables
  • Integrated discharge
  • Graphical display of voltage and current
  • Detection of multiple faults
  • Very fast pulse rate of 0.5:1 in connection with the ESG NT


What comes with the Megger MFM10?

  • MFM10-1 sheath fault locator with audio frequency generator function
  • USB stick with EasyProt software for data transfer and test report generation
  • KST10 Velcro bag
  • VL MFM10 cable set (mains lead EU/UK/US, HV test lead 4 m, ground lead 5 m, crocodile clamps green/yellow blue, measuring lead blue, automotive adapter)


Technical Specification for: Megger Seba MFM10-1 Sheath Fault Location Set (Audio Frequency Set)

Direct resistance measurement
Voltage and current limiter
Quick event/ transient recognition
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