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EZ-THUMP 3kV Cable Fault Location (Base Unit - Version 2)

Megger EZ THUMP V2 Portable Cable Fault Location Systems for low voltage cables. Rugged, lightweight, high impact & weather resistant (IP53 enclosure) designed for: testing (proof/insulation testing, sheath testing), fault prelocation & pinpoint fault location.

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Megger EZ-THUMP V2 3 kV & 4 kV, Portable Cable Fault Location Systems for Low Voltage Cables

The compact and lightweight (34 kg) EZ-THUMP is a smart and portable Cable Fault Location System which is totally self-contained and battery operated.


The various models for Low Voltage Cables:

  • (EZT3DV2) EZ-THUMP 3kV
    • The only dual-stage 3 kV unit which addresses LV cables with 600 V or 1000 V ratings, and a max permissible test level of 3 Uo (1.8 kV or 3 kV).
    • Dual-stage 500 Joule surge generator for pinpointing of high resistive faults at 0-1.5 kV or 0-3 kV.
    • Testing 0-1.5 / 0-3 kV for breakdown detection.
  • (EZT4V2) EZ-THUMP 4kV
    • Single-stage capacitor surge discharge: 500 J
    • Testing 0-1.5 / 0-4 kV for breakdown detection

Both are compact, lightweight (34 kg) and portable, battery and AC line operated cable fault location systems specifically designed for fault locating of shielded and unshielded low voltage power cables.
(comes with field-replaceable battery)


The EZ-THUMP 3 kV and 4 kV units are complete solutions for for all typical fault locating operations on LV cables either in industrial applications up to 3 kV or 4 kV, street light fault locating or fault locating of LV power circuits in the utility industry.  The lightweight design makes it extremely portable and small enough that it doesn‘t require a dedicated vehicle to transport it.

A truly smart Test Set which guides you through the entire testing process so minimal training is needed.  Due to its lower capital investment it can be available at a greater number of service centers allowing you to get to the site of the fault faster.



Megger EZ-THUMP Key Features:

  • Rugged, lightweight, high impact and weather resistant IP53 designed enclosure.
  • HiBrite colour display for excellent outdoor visibility
  • Automatic end of cable and distance to fault indication
  • Up to 94 mA current, depending on voltage
  • F-OHM safety feature to ensure safe grounding
  • Interface for remote EMERGENCY OFF box
  • TDR method to prelocate very low resistance cable faults
  • Arc Reflection Method (ARM) prelocation of high resistance/flashover faults
  • Fault pinpointing, high- and low-resistive fault
  • Automatic  fault  locating  procedure  starting  with  a  hipot  testing, continuing with the prelocation and pinpointing.

Aside from the expert mode, the quick-step mode combined with the simple E-Tray GUI are especially convenient for operators who do not use the equipment on a regular basis.


Megger EZ-THUMP Applications:

  • Testing (proof/insulation testing, sheath testing)
  • Fault prelocation
  • Pinpoint fault location



Comparison Chart for: Megger EZ-THUMP 3kV Cable Fault Location (Base Unit - Version 2)

Max output voltage1.5 to 3 kV0 to 4 kV0 to 12 kV
Surge energy output500 J 500 J500 J
TDR range7.6 km7.6 km7.6 km
Pre-location method:
Fault conditioning
Sheath fault
Main operation
Battery operation
Width355 mm355 mm355 mm
Weight33 kg33 kg33 kg