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Smart Thump ST16 Fault Locator / Thumper

Megger Smart Thump ST16 is an easy-to-use solution for quickly identifying, pre-locating & pinpointing various types of cable faults for power cables.

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Megger Smart Thump ST16 Fault Locator / Thumper

A portable/vehicle-mounted cable fault location system designed for safe, efficient, user-friendly solutions to quickly identifying, prelocating and pinpointing various types of cable faults for power cables.

Circuit parameters include:

  • System voltage up to 35 kV (phase to phase)
  • Insulation EPR, XLPE and mixed cables
  • Typical conductor sizes between #2 and 1000 MCM (34 mm2 to 500 mm2)
  • Typical circuit lengths from a few hundred feet up to a max of 170,00 ft (52 km)

Developed to meet the requirements for typical medium-voltage distribution cable fault location markets from 11 to 35 kV system voltage, with typical end users including:

  • Operations department of power utility companies
  • Electrical departments within municipalities
  • Private network operators
  • High voltage electrical contractors
  • Service companies
  • Port authorities
  • Mining
  • Airports
  • Military bases
  • Petrochemical
  • Paper companies

Megger Smart Thump Key Features:

  • Rugged, lightweight powder coated IP53 rated enclosure
  • 7 inch HiBrite colour display
  • Requires less training than a traditional thumper-only system
  • Boasts the big advantage of displaying the distance to fault
  • Delivers 1500 J at 8/16 kV
  • 20-kV DC high voltage proof/burn and displays insulation resistance
  • E-Tray automatic test sequence to proof test, prelocate and pinpoint
    • ‘E-Tray‘ technology (already proven in other Megger products EZ-Thump, EZ-Restore Overdrive, and TDR T3090)
    • Eliminates lengthy training
  • ARC reflection MV cable prelocation
  • ICE MV cable prelocation
  • Multi-shot technology for ARM
  • Earth gradient LV fault locating and sheath fault locating
  • Built-in intelligence to interpret the results of the initial test sequence
  • This fully integrated system can be operated from either its internal battery/inverter, external 12 V DC or 120/230 V AC
  • ‘Turn and click‘ rotary button operation lets the user automatically proof test, pre-locate, and pinpoint the fault from one convenient control console
    • With typically no adjustments being required
  • Expert Mode provides up to 20 individual TDR features to the experienced user for optimum fault  locating results
  • Quick-Steps Mode limits the available  TDR features to those that are useful to the casual  or inexperienced user
  • If the user selects, the unit automatically sets the thump voltage to minimise the stress applied to the cable
  • Safety / grounding check
  • F-OHM safety feature to check for correct setup of connections
  • Very quick access to all components in case service is required
  • USB interface