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STX40-2000 Portable Cable Fault Location System

Megger STX40 Portable Cable Fault Location System with 7 fault locating methods built-in. A true portable outdoor-ready unit with IP 43 rating.

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Megger STX40 Portable Cable Fault Location System

Cable fault location systems have to meet steep requirements to be considered truly portable and thus outdoor-ready for use in the field.

The Megger STX40-2000 is the most powerful and most modern portable fault location system on the market.  It is ideally suited for proof testing, analysing, pre-locating and pinpointing of faults on extruded low voltage and medium voltage XLPE- and EPR-insulated cables.  With its 40 kV DC source and a potent high frequency burner it is also highly capable and effective on PILC cables as well.


Megger STX40 Built For Your Environment

The Megger STX40-2000 is the only fault locating unit in its class with such a degree of outdoor-readiness.

  • Fully automated with motorised HV switches controlled by either the rotary knob or the industry-grade colour touch-screen (10.1”)
  • It is lightweight, rugged, engineered to withstand hostile and challenging environments
    • Complete with pneumatic tyres and low centre of gravity
    • Weighing 80 kg (176 lbs) less compared to its predecessors (weight: 118 kg)
  • Very mobile in adverse terrain and as compact in size as possible
  • Operates in rain
  • Easy to use in bright daylight conditions with intense sun-shine
    • The sunshine-proof display is very bright and has got an anti-glare coating, keeping the user interface clearly visible even in intense sunshine

Megger STX40 - A Benchmark for Safety

Occupational safety and safe working conditions are paramount for us and our customers.  Therefore, Megger products are designed to be the safest in the market. STX is no exception to that. It meets the strict requirements of VDE 0104.  Equipped with a ground loop monitoring circuit (F-Ohm) and a touch potential monitoring circuit (F-U or F-Voltage), STX is a milestone and the portable fault location system with the highest safety standards in the market by far.

The only system in its class with 7 fault locating methods built-in:

  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Time Domain Reflectometry (Radar)
  • HV DC proof testing (DC hipot)
  • Burning
  • TDR-based prelocation and additionally transient prelocation methods
  • Surging/Thumping in multiple voltage stages
  • Sheath testing and Sheath fault pinpointing


Megger STX40 Key Features:

  • Built-in safety circuits for earth connection monitoring (F-Ohm) and touch potential monitoring (F-Voltage)
  • Full TDR control of all HV functions
  • To identify different types of faults: Insulation resistance evaluation up to 20 kV and 650 MΩ
  • DC testing up to 40 kV, with automatic voltage breakdown voltage detection and ramp function
  • Integrated radar/TDR and integrated pre-location with radar-based and transient pre-location methods
  • Surging/Thumping at 8/16/32 kV with 2000 J, Optionally with additional 4 kV stage 1100 J
  • Very effective high frequency burner for fault conversion with up to 40 kV and up to 850 mA 
  • Very easy to operate because of its intuitive and straightforward pie chart interface
  • ARM Multishot technology with 15 measurements per arc reflection shot
  • ProRange technology; distance-dependent de-attenuation for improved images of far-away reflections
  • Display up to 6 traces simultaneously, ideal for phase comparison
  • Automatic cable end recognition and flagging of fault position
  • High quality measurement with very fast true sampling rate of 400 MHz
  • Internal compensation for undistorted measurements in the near field (close range)
  • Automatic storage of all measurement data
  • Large memory for storing > 100,000 measurements
  • Export/import function
  • Test reports in PDF format
  • USB port for transferring data and printing
  • Many different language versions available

▶ Video: Overview of The Megger STX40

Video thumbnail for the Megger STX40 Portable Cable Fault Location System


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