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TDR2010 Advanced Dual Channel TDR

Megger TDR2010 Advanced Dual Channel TDR - Compact Time Domain Reflectometer (Cable Fault Locator). A fully featured high resolution TDR with backlit colour display and powered by Li-ion rechargeable battery batteries.

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Megger TDR2010 Advanced Dual Channel TDR

Designed for the location of faults communication and pilot cables and some power supplies the TDR2000/3 and TDR2010 are tough. They are rated to CAT IV 150 V and are dust and weatherproof to IP54, so there are ready to work in the real world.

Features such as Auto setup assist the novice to get useful traces fast while the AUTO Find function assist the interpretation of the traces. For the more expert user there is the ability to manually override the auto function permitting fine tuning to enable identification of hard to determine faults.

Megger‘s new screen layout permits the operator to over lay traces, assisting in the location of faults.

▶ Video: Overview of The Megger TDR2010 TDR

Video thumbnail for the Megger TDR2010 Time Domain Reflectometer

Megger TDR2010 Key Features:

  • 600 V CAT IV input protection filter built in
  • Test straight from the box
  • 2ns pulse width
  • Designed for use on all metallic paired cables
  • IP54 rating offers real life working
  • AUTO set up mode for instant, easy use
  • AutoFind and FindEnd functions helps find the fault fast
  • Trace tagging facility that allows a name to be saved with the trace
  • Distance dependent gain to counteract signal attenuation
  • Step function to improve detection of near end faults

Why CAT IV Rating?

A distant lightning strike can produce a transient of several kV on the supply. That transient lasts for a few tens of microseconds and is likely to do little damage.

The problem is that it may initiate an arc and this arc then presents a low impedance path for current from the mains supply. Often, that supply can deliver 1000 A or more before the breaker or other protective device operates. In that time, the amount of energy liberated is enough to start a fire or even cause an explosion. If the arc is within a test instrument there is a high probability that you will be injured or worse!

The solution is simple – design the instruments with protection and internal clearances that are large enough to prevent transients from establishing an arc and along with appropriate protection devices. Guidance to this is given in IEC61010 in order to comply with category ratings defined in IEC60664.

In practice, transients are damped quite quickly as they pass through a typical distribution system. As you can see from the diagram CATIV is recommended for use outside and to the consumer unit.

Using an instrument with a higher installation category rating does not alone create a safer working environment. You should always follow correct work practices to keep you and others safe.

Megger TDR2010 CATIV Rating

What comes with the Megger TDR2010?

  • Megger TDR2010 Dual Channel Power Plus Time Domain Reflectometer
  • 2x 2m Test Leads with 4mm Shrouded Connection to Miniature Crocodile Clips
  • Megger TraceXpert Software
  • USB Lead
  • AC-DC Charger
  • User Guide CD


Comparison Chart for: Megger TDR2010 Advanced Dual Channel TDR

Range capability0.2 m to 5 km0.2 m to 5 km0.2 m to 5 km0.2 m to 20 km0.2 m to 20 km0.2 m to 20 km0.2 m to 20 km
Shortest pulse width2 ns2 ns2 ns2 ns2 ns2 ns2 ns
Number of channels1112222
Built-in blocking filter
Memory function
Trace hold
Live trace overlay
100 trace memory
Other Features
Auto fault find
Auto end find
Trace tagging
Step function
Distance dependant gain
Auto power off (user set)
Test lead typeMiniature clipMiniature clip10 A fused standard clipMiniature clip10 A fused standard clipMiniature clip10 A fused standard clip
Safety ratingCAT III 300 VCAT III 300 VCAT III 300 VCAT III 300 VCAT III 300 VCAT III 300 VCAT IV 600 V
Dust and weatherproof to IP54


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1002-135 Single Fused Test Lead Set £92.00 ADD
1002-552 Replacement Battery Pack £190.00 ADD
1003-217 Carry Case - rear web hand straps and cover £72.00 ADD
1003-218 Terminal Adapter Kit with BNC F-Type quick release and F-Type to BNC adapter £62.00 ADD
1003-352 AC-DC Power Charger £75.00 ADD
1003-353 Download Kit - TraceXpert PC software and usb cable £21.00 ADD
6231-652 TDR1000 Lead Set with Miniature Clips £47.00 ADD
6231-653 CFL510E Lead Set with Miniature Clips £116.00 ADD
6231-655 CFL535E Lead set with miniature clips £170.00 ADD