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TDR2050 Dual Channel Power Plus

The Megger TDR2050 Advanced Dual Channel TDR (Cable Fault Locator) is perfect for chasing down faults on power circuits, such as LV cable faults. This model comes complete with Step & Pulse, Distance Dependant Gain, Trace Tagging, AutoFind, FindEnd functions & an additional colour scheme aiding the user in identifying key events on the trace.

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Megger TDR2050 Advanced Dual Channel TDR - locate faults on paired metallic cables

A Dual-Channel, Dual Trace TDR complete with high-resolution colour screen, easy set up features, directional control buttons and soft keys provide intuitive and easy operation for the user!

The Megger TDR2050, and its supplied fused test leads are rated to CAT IV 600 V and IP54 - The ruggedness you need for use on site or out in the field!

Megger TDR2050 has Step and pulse TDR options to see both near and far end faults, Trace Tagging for recording circuit ID, Distance Dependent Gain to minimise signal attenuation, a Trace Hold feature for instant trace comparison. Auto Find and Find-End functions allow speedy fault identification.

Dual trace and dual cursor capabilities allow full flexibility, giving the operator full control and instant indication of distance between two points, and a trace comparison feature also allows close examination between trace conditions.

The vibrant, extra high resolution display with a white-light backlight and user-definable colour schemes all aid the user in identifying key events on the trace (TDR2050 boasts 6 additional set colour schemes on top of the Default and Outdoor schemes included on other Megger TDRs).

The Megger TDR2050 has a minimum resolution of 0.1 m / 0.3 ft and a 20 km / 65 kft maximum range depending on the velocity factor selected and the cable type.  Various output impedances are available (25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 140 ohms, model dependent) and an auto impedance matching feature. The velocity factor can be set between 0.2 and 0.99 to meet any cable test requirements.

Connection is made via two pairs of four millimeter jack sockets, suitable for standard safety fuse test leads. A protection sliding cover system reveals the charger and USB download sockets. The right-hand buttons let you move around the screen and select options. The soft keys have different purposes depending on the mode or function chosen.

For those who like a crib sheet one is supplied with a full list of icons and functions.  There are some useful printed documents in the box and many more on the support CD however if you require any extra information Acutest provides aftersales support - we are always here to help!

▶ Video: Overview of the Megger TDR2050 TDR Cable Fault Locator

Video thumbnail for the Megger TDR2050 TDR Cable Fault Locator

Megger TDR2050 Key features:

  • Step and Pulse TDR selections (unique to the Megger TDR2050)
    • Dead Zone effect of standard pulse TDRs can mask near end faults, making them undetectable. Step function eliminates this problem - the signal is injected at full strength and stays there until a disturbance is detected. Perfect for detecting near end faults that standard pulse TDRs can miss.
  • Distance Dependant Gain
    • Eliminates the drop off of signal attenuation on longer lines by gradually increasing the gain along the returned signal, enabling a more even representation of the relative attenuation at all points along the trace.
  • Trace Tagging allows the user to maintain accurate records of circuit details against every saved result
    • Add a name to saved traces! This could be the circuit ID, building name or any other identifying text the user wishes to save with the trace.
    • 100 trace on-board memory. The traces can be recalled to the display for analysis or compared with an active display to aid in fault location. Alternatively the stored results can be downloaded to a computer, via the USB port, using the TraceXpert software and USB lead provided.
  • AutoFind guide to potential fault location
    • AUTO option matches output impedance to cable. Manual override available for fine tuning.
    • Speedy identification of faults. One press of the AutoFind key automatically adjusts the range and gain, and positions the cursor to the first major event on the cable. Press the AutoFind key again and the cursor will jump to the next detected disturbance. AUTO option selecting gain and pulse for each range ensures that the most effective parameters are selected depending on the range required, aiding rapid diagnosis of the TDR trace.
  • FindEnd functions
    • Automatically search the trace to identify the end of the cable under test. This is useful in situations where a fast cable length measurement is required. For those who wish to maintain manual control, manual operation allows full override access to refine the response for easy fault identification.
  • 4 second boot up time and instant testing straight from the box
  • Integrated 600V CAT IV input protection filter
  • Compact, rugged, IP54-rated design (dust and weatherproof)
  • The instrument is suitable for virtually all types of cable including multiple core, parallel conductor and concentric neutral
  • Location of high and low resistive faults such as shorts, opens, splices, splits and taps
  • Identifying impedance imbalance cable ingress faults such as water ingress, fraying, immersion and erosion of insulation
  • Evaluating the capability of connections and locate faults up to 20 km
  • Maintaining efficient transmission capabilities
  • Ensuring peak performance
  • USB connection to PC allowing upload and download of traces
  • Power blocking filter built-in
  • Selectable output impedance (25, 50, 75,100, 125 and 140 Ω)
  • 2ns pulse for near end fault location
  • Display distance in metres or feet
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery (12 hours typical life)


Megger TDR2050 Applications:

  • Personnel involved in the location of cable faults as part of a responsive or routine maintenance programme
  • Electrical Inspectors during quality checks following work on all new cable installations and modifications to existing cable installations
  • Locating taps on telecommunications and power cables
  • Locating load coils on telecommunications cables
  • Testing reels of cable for shipping damage, cable shortages, cable usage, and inventory management
  • Testing for faults on hidden cabling in vehicles such as trains and aeroplanes where access is restricted
  • Tracking down illegal connections (taps) on the power system
  • Checking for performance on umbilical cables in oceanographic and mining situations
  • Maintaining rail network signal communications and power cabling
  • Ensuring safe and efficient state of commercial heating and air conditioning cable
  • And any other situation requiring metallic paired cable testing, including Twisted Pair, concentric or Coax.

The TDR2050 has specific functionality suited for power utilities built in



 What comes with the Megger TDR2050?

  • Megger TDR2050 Dual Channel Power Plus Time Domain Reflectometer
  • 2x Retractable Sheath Fused Test Lead Sets
  • Megger TraceXpert Software
  • USB Lead
  • AC-DC Charger
  • User Guide CD


Comparison Chart for: Megger TDR2050 Dual Channel Power Plus

Range capability0.2 m to 5 km0.2 m to 5 km0.2 m to 5 km0.2 m to 20 km0.2 m to 20 km0.2 m to 20 km0.2 m to 20 km
Shortest pulse width2 ns2 ns2 ns2 ns2 ns2 ns2 ns
Number of channels1112222
Built-in blocking filter
Memory function
Trace hold
Live trace overlay
100 trace memory
Other Features
Auto fault find
Auto end find
Trace tagging
Step function
Distance dependant gain
Auto power off (user set)
Test lead typeMiniature clipMiniature clip10 A fused standard clipMiniature clip10 A fused standard clipMiniature clip10 A fused standard clip
Safety ratingCAT III 300 VCAT III 300 VCAT III 300 VCAT III 300 VCAT III 300 VCAT III 300 VCAT IV 600 V
Dust and weatherproof to IP54


Accessory Code Description Price (Ex VAT)
1002-135 Single Fused Test Lead Set £92.00 ADD
1002-552 Replacement Battery Pack £190.00 ADD
1003-217 Carry Case - rear web hand straps and cover £72.00 ADD
1003-218 Terminal Adapter Kit with BNC F-Type quick release and F-Type to BNC adapter £62.00 ADD
1003-352 AC-DC Power Charger £75.00 ADD
1003-353 Download Kit - TraceXpert PC software and usb cable £21.00 ADD
6231-652 TDR1000 Lead Set with Miniature Clips £47.00 ADD
6231-653 CFL510E Lead Set with Miniature Clips £116.00 ADD
6231-655 CFL535E Lead set with miniature clips £170.00 ADD